An electric car for people is finally here coming in 2023/2024

Michael Jost, Head of Strategy at Volkswagen, said officially that in 2023, or at the latest in 2024, the company will introduce a truly affordable electric car, which will start from less than €20,000 ($22,900).

It will be a small car, the size of a T-Roc, which could be described as a compact crossover utility vehicle.

"MEB and ID. Family are part of the Volkswagen Group’s electric offensive, for which the company is investing around €30 billion by 2023. By 2025, the Group brands plan to increase the number of their all-electric cars from six today to more than 50. Jost, who is also the head of Group Product Strategy, emphasizes that electric vehicles are by no means synonymous with sacrifice: “We build cool electric cars that are fun to drive, beautifully designed and fully networked.” He notes that starting in 2023, or at the latest in 2024, Volkswagen will launch an electric model, which will be the size of a T-Roc, for less than €20,000."

According to Autocar, the German manufacturer targets "classless design appeal, outstanding interior space within a compact footprint".

We are probably some five years from the point when Volkswagen will be able to offer such a car, but it sounds interesting.

Affordable VW - what is expected:

  • in 2023, or at the latest in 2024
  • from less than €20,000 ($22,900)
  • size of a T-Roc model
  • 5-seats
  • raised ride position
  • based on MEB platform
  • range well over current Volkswagen e-Golf (125 miles / 201 km EPA)
  • front-wheel drive
  • production in Emden, Germany (up to 300,000 per year)
  • possible siblings from Audi, Seat and Skoda
Volkswagen T-Roc (ICE)

Source: Autocar

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