Bjørn Nyland on the Audi e-tron noise level: it is superb

Audi e-tron turns out to be the quietest electric car ever tested by Bjørn Nyland, averaging just 63 dB.

The silence, even at high speeds, was earlier signaled by the Autogefühl review, which clearly said that it's better than in the case of Tesla.

Bjorn revealed that e-tron is around 2-3 dB below the second best Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-PACE, despite not necessarily having the quietest winter tires on it, at all speed levels (80, 100 and 120 km/h, which is 50 to 75 mph).

The difference of 3 dB is considered by humans as a change of a noticeable level - you will feel the difference. If other tires improve the results, the e-tron will stay on top of the list for quite some time.

Noise test results by Bjørn Nyland:

Audi e-tron noise test (Source: Bjørn Nyland)
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