Can you protect your Tesla from hail?

You may know YouTuber DAErik (Erik Strait), from his recent attempt to beat the Tesla Model S hypermile record in a Tesla Model 3. He teamed up with Sean Mitchell for the occasion. They pulled off quite a feat, but unfortunately, didn't beat the record. Erik is also the guy with a Tesla showroom and homemade Supercharger in his garage. In addition, he provides informative videos that show off Tesla vehicle features in a fun, comedic light.

In this "episode," Erik and his friend David demonstrate a product that may be able to protect your Tesla (or any car) from hail damage. It's called the Lanmodo Car Tent. Erik explains that a recent hailstorm in Colorado dinged up his Tesla Model S, so he searched for a solution.

In order to test the tent, the guys dump large ice balls off the roof of a house toward the car. They obviously trust the tent to some extent, since these heavy, 2-inch balls of ice will easily cause a good amount of damage if the tent isn't doing its job.

The tent works well, however, you have to make sure that it's long enough to cover your whole car. Also, hail doesn't necessarily fall straight down, so there is a chance that some hail could still hit the sides of the vehicle. Nonetheless, if you have concerns about anything falling from the sky (pine cones, sticks, small tree limbs, birds, bird droppings, meatballs) and messing up your vehicle, it's pretty clear that you'll be much better off with a cover like this than without.

You can get the tent on Amazon starting at around $300.

Video via DAErik on YouTube

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