400,000 Miles And Counting

A lone Chevy Volt has hit another mileage milestone of 400,000 miles driven. The owner reports no noticeable battery degradation to date.

Those familiar with this high-mileage Volt will know that it's a 2012 model and that it's been driven by General Motors employee Erick Belmer.

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This is likely the highest mileage Volt in the world and even though it's driven on gas more often than electric, this Volt is still #1 in EV miles (at 141,795), according to Volt Stats data.

We've been tracking the progress of Belmer's 2012 Volt for years now (since late 2013, to be exact), so here's a look back at the major achievements:

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Quite a long list of milestones there.

This latest one of 400,000 miles driven is impressive indeed. Belmer reports that he's yet to experience any noticeable battery degradation, despite the fact that the car is now 5-plus years old with nearly 150,000 electric miles driven.

EV Versus Gas Miles On Belmer's Volt

How does Belmer manage to rack up so many miles? His commute is 110 miles each way, or 220 miles per day. As such, Belmer spends much of his day in his Volt. It has rarely let him down. Belmer says:

Volt is holding up flawlessly! No noticeable battery capacity loss.

The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it everyday is a dream come true! 

Belmer still believes that the Volt is “over engineered times 10!!!”

Belmer says he's able to get about 9.2 kWh out of the Volt per charge, which would seem to indicate a slight decline from his earlier results of 9.7 kWh or so, but a lot of variables come into play here, so we won't go so far as to call this capacity loss.

Erick Belmer Charging His Volt

Here's hoping this ol' 2012 Volt has a couple hundred thousand more miles to go! And congrats to Belmer for this amazing achievement.

Oh, one more noteworthy mention. This 400,000-mile Volt is still sporting its original brake pads.

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