Tesla Model X owner Bjorn Nyland provides us with perhaps the most detailed look yet at the Model X's towing capability, including how various trailer and other tow-behinds impact efficiency and range of the Model X.

Tesla Model X Drags A Volvo Out Of A Ditch

Tesla Model X Drags A Volvo Out Of A Ditch

Nyland's general consensus is that towing has a huge impact on the efficiency (and thus total range) of the Model X. According to Nyland, energy consumption of the X can basically double when towing.

Nyland concludes that the low-line X, the 60D, can have range reduced to just 70 miles or so when towing a large load.

Officially, the Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds. However, Tesla doesn't exactly explain the impact of towing on range beyond stating that towing may reduce range.

Video description:

"A short explanation and display of the different trailers I have pulled with my Model X. In general, the consumption goes up by around 50-100 %."

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