Don't Have $3,000 Or More Than A Year To Burn? You Could Try To

Don't Have $3,000 Or More Than A Year To Burn? You Could Try To "Build Your Own" Powerwall

Not so long ago (well, 7 months ago) Tesla Energy announced the "Powerwall" energy storage solutions to quite a lot of fanfare.

The Tesla units comes in both a 7 kWh and 10 kWh version (details), priced from $3,000 to $3,500; which quite honestly for the sleek enclosure, and Tesla Enegy packaging cache, seems like a pretty decent deal to us.

That being said, the product was/is not exactly coming to market quickly (it is just now shortly arriving to a select few lucky customers).

Place a new order, and well, you are probably looking at ~2017 as a reasonable delivery window.

So if you are a little handy (and also little cheap), Jeru Garcia - of whom you might remember from "all-electic Samba" fame, walks us through a DIY ESS project that shows for those those willing to buy second hand batteries, there is a way to acquire the same basic system (complete with 18650 laptop cells) as the Tesla Powerwall for about $300 today.

Fair disclosure:  We are going to go ahead and assume that if your time is worthless and you aren't interested in pesky certifications, then this is a raging good deal.

However, the total hours one would expect to spend on this project as a DIY assignment from front to back, would make it a pretty big money-loser in the long run, over just buying an "out of the box" solution from Tesla Energy, or any number of other residential battery back-up solution providers...but might still be a fun project though!

Hat tip to offib!

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