Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera

As Opel Media of Europe points out:

Ampera Runs Off the Hamtramck Line

Ampera Runs Off the Hamtramck Line

"Readers of Auto Zeitung have awarded the Opel Ampera the “Green Mobility Trophy 2013” and named the mid-size sedan the best electric vehicle. For the first time, the trade magazine presented 134 models and engines from 34 brands as candidates in seven categories. In the electric vehicle class the Opel Ampera beat out 18 competitors to take the title."

18,000 Auto Zeitung readers apparently participated in the voting process and placed both the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 "well behind the Ampera," says Opel.

The Model S and i3 we're the closest competitors in this stacked field.

Opel continues by saying this:

"With the “Green Mobility Trophy” Auto Zeitung honors models and propulsion concepts chosen by its readers that are trendsetting in their class in terms of particularly eco-friendly use of resources."

Andreas Marx, Director of Marketing for Opel Germany, adds:

"What customers expect from electric cars is clear: they want technology that is more environmentally friendly while offering all the benefits of conventional propulsion systems. The “Green Mobility Trophy” is latest proof that we more than meet these expectations with the Ampera."

Who'd of thunk that the Volt Ampera would smoke the Model S and i3?

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