Fully Loaded Model S

Fully Loaded Model S

True Tesla Model S fans know that there's a substantial difference in both price and performance between a base (60 kWh, no options) Model S and a fully loaded Model S Performance (85 kWh) with the Performance Plus package.

Of course, you could head over to Tesla Motors' website to configure a Model S any way you so desire, but the folks at Winding Road kindly did that for us.  Well, sort of.

Tesla Model S Performance Plus Detail and Pricing...Click to Enlarge

Tesla Model S Performance Plus Detail and Pricing...Click to Enlarge

Winding Road hit the Tesla Model S configurator to figure out what the price difference is between the "cheapest" Model S and the decked-out, option-packed most expensive version of Tesla's electric sedan.

According to Winding Road, the Model S is wonderfully easy to configure since all of the options and packages are described in detail and require simply ticking a box to add in.

There aren't complex packages that must be combined with other options.  In other words, it's not tricky to configure a Model S exactly how you desire it.

Here's Winding Roads' example of the price breakdown for base versus loaded for the Model S:

Price: $71,070 (Tesla Model S) + $0 (Destination) + $0 (Options) - $7500 (Federal Tax Credit) = $63,570

Price: $96,070 (Tesla Model S Performance) + $0 (Destination) + $23,100 (Options) - $7500 (Federal Tax Credit) = $111,670

Then there's the boatload of options, which Winding Road breaks down as follows:
Model S Performance Package: $25,000
            -Upgraded drivetrain, interior, and suspension
Pearl White Paint: $1500
All Glass Panoramic Roof: $1500
21-inch Grey Performance Wheels: $3500
Performance Plus Package: $6500
            -Upgraded dampers
            -Upgraded bushings
            -Upgraded stabilizer bars
            -Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires
            -Wider rear tires
Tech Package: $3750
            -GPS Navigation system with onboard maps and free map updates for seven years
            -Automatic keyless entry
            -High-definition back-up camera
            -Xenon headlights
            -Electrochromatic side mirrors
            -LED cornering lights
            -Ground lighting under door handles
            -Power rear liftgate
            -GPS-enabled Homelink system
            -Memory seats
Sound Studio Package: $950
            -XM Satellite Radio
            -580-watt, 12-speaker Dolby ProLogic 7.1 system
            -HD space for over 3000 songs
Rear Facing Seats: $1500
Parcel Shelf: $250
Paint Armor: $950
Twin Chargers: $1500

High-Power Wall Connector: $1200

And that's all she wrote.  It's straightforward, simple to configure and easy to discover just how much your perfectly optioned Model S will cost.  To try your hand at configuring a Model S, click here.

Source: Winding Road

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