Nationwide Order Books For 2017 Chevrolet Volt To Open This December


The First Of The New 2016 Chevy Volts At Rydell Chevrolet In California Last Week

The First Of The New 2016 Chevy Volts At Rydell Chevrolet In California Last Week

Say what? It’s still 2015, yet you’ll be able to order a 2017 Model Year plug-in electric car?

That’s right!

According to General Motors, orders for the 2017 Chevrolet Volt will be accepted nationwide starting in December 2015.

This revelation came recently as a Chevrolet customer service representative posted on

“We apologize for any delays, please know that no sold orders will be canceled. The announcement made last week was in an effort to establish a process for fulfilling sold orders while assisting current Volt owners, who are under special circumstances and in need of a Volt now. For customers who were unable to place an order in time or do not reside in states that will be receiving the 2016 Volts, you may begin ordering the 2017 Volt in December nationally. The 2017 model year production falls within a typical 2016 model year time frame. Please don’t hesitate to send us a private message if you have any additional questions.”

Chevrolet Customer Serve Rep Sets The Record Straight

Chevrolet Customer Serve Rep Sets The Record Straight

First production of the 2017 Chevy Volt will commence in February 2016, with deliveries likely happening ~6-8 weeks later.  For its part General Motors has said the 2017s will arrive “in the Spring”.

We hear that 2017 Volts will get a few additional features not found on the limited-production 2016 model. Those features include Android Auto and Adaptive Cruise Control, a baby step towards autonomous drive.

We have a suspicion that additional (not yet announced) 2017 Volt changes/features will likely be revealed at a later date; perhaps in December.

Hat tip to BrianR!

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There has been some awkwardness with this whole roll-out business, though not really rising to the level of a fiasco, still it does give one pause to wonder what really is going on.
Maybe it was all just a bump in the road.
A very large bump where you hit it too fast and come down with a thud.

I’m hoping once the 2017 features are announced, GM’s very strange roll-out of the 2016 and 2017 Volt will make more sense.

the options available for the 2017 are now confirmed by gm.
acc option
high speed automatic braking option
citron green metallic color option

Have you checked your interpretation with Chevrolet?
The message from Vivian K is in the context of ‘assisting current Volt owners who are under special circumstances and in need of a Volt now’.
Are you sure the Volt order book will be open to anyone in December?

It explicitly says “may begin ordering the 2017 Volt nationally in December”. Not much to confuse about that statement. The “current Volt lesse” verbage seems to be specific to ’16 orders.

What I don’t understand is why they could not call it the 2016-X instead of 2017. Or do they hope to not make any alterations to the Volt until 2018 or even discontinue it once they focus on the Bolt ?

It turns out that consumers don’t actually like half year models, because it makes ordering parts a pain in the arse. You have to keep giving your VIN number at the parts counter to make sure you get the right part.

It also slows down parts counters, and costs them money.

Over about the last decade, the entire automotive industry has moved towards early releasing the next model year, instead of doing half-years.

This was reported as well on Edmunds 4 days ago.

“Dealers nationwide will be able to begin ordering 2017 Chevrolet Volts in December, just a few months after states with the largest initial demand.”

So… 2017 GM model years typically aren’t available for delivery until Q3 of the prior year. Are they saying that you can order a 2017 Volt this December but then have to wait until the normal model year changeover to receive delivery?

That’s true, but this roll-out is far from typical, more like trypical, with GM tripping all over themselves.
From the article:
“First production of the 2017 Chevy Volt will commence in February 2016, with deliveries likely happening ~6-8 weeks later.”

I will take 10 please! No reason for anyone to wait for the vaporware Model 3 anymore. Hop on the Volt bandwagon.

Will 10 Volts be big enough to contain all that oblivious ego? Doubt it.

I’ll wait until March 2016 when the Tesla Model 3 is announced to decide. As it turns out, this is perfect timing because the 2016 Volt is a compliance car so the rest of the country won’t be able to get one anyway. It’s very possible this very odd 2017 ordering in Dec 2015 is a very lame GM effort to get in front of the Model 3 announcement.

You will GET the Volt in your garage (wherever you live in US) by summer of next year! In contrast, you only GET TO GIVE your munny to Tesla by that time. And if you are lucky, you will have a napkin drawing of Model 3 to hug when you go to bed.

So, I’ve no clue what you are saying. But to each his own.

Yup, at 4 pm this afternoon, I got a call from a nice lady at Tesla advising me that, as of today, I may officially send a check to Tesla to put down a deposit for a Larger Roadster Battery to be installed in the future.

(Since I’ve traded mine in, I’m somewhat less interested in it now).

A decade ago, they would have called it a 2016.5. But half year model years turn out to annoy consumers, so the industry as a whole has changed to early-releasing vehicles under the next model year.

Not really a big issue in of itself.

“First production of the 2017 Chevy Volt will commence in February 2016, with deliveries likely happening ~6-8 weeks later. For its part General Motors has said the 2017s will arrive “in the Spring”. ”

GM stated the production won’t start until early Spring which starts March 20th. First deliveries 6-8 weeks later would fall into May.

“…said GM media rep Kevin Kelly reading a prepared statement. “The 2016 Volt will be sold in our strongest EREV markets. The 2017 Chevrolet Volt will begin production early this spring and will be available throughout the country.” “

This looks to be a case of a rep responding to bit of a media crises around the early model year versus GM’s internal schedule, and trying to give dates that people don’t misinterpret ie) “you guys said ‘February’ where is the 2017 Volt its April now?!?”

“Production” is one of those loosey-goosey type ducks…at least as to the definition of when it starts – first day of normalized operations, or when the first consumer-intent cars rolls off the line complete. If GM truly didn’t start production until after March 20th, you likely would not see 2017 Volts until mid-summer.

Soon as we see a confirmed start of production date for the 2017 MY Volt in Hamtramck we will certainly pass it along, (=

Looks like GM is developing Tesla-envy (-; … A Volt apparently isn’t hip enough unless it needs to be reserved in advance, like Teslas or tables at trendy restaurants.

There’s nothing like buying a pig in a poke, is there? Since most people in the country will not even have a chance to see, much less sit in the new model, how are we to know if we can even fit in? I think it is rumored to have even less front headroom than the 2015. I shudder to think how the rear seat riders fare. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

Let’s get it on. I was going to order a new Leaf but do some out-of-town driving and the 2017 Volt is the best option. Giving up my Prius due to the minimum electric miles.

Looks like you are on the same path I was a few years ago. I have had (4) Prius, the last being a “C” and loved them but longed for all-electric driving in town so I looked at the Leaf, but….I do occasionally take a drive out of town, so began looking at the Volt. Bought a new 2012, now have a 2014 and am chomping at the bit to get a 2017. Once you get a Volt, there’s no turning back. Maybe only for a Tesla someday.

While the Volt rollout has been a head scratcher, it’s equally perplexing that some folks on this forum act as if the v2 Volt is an unknown quantity. Volts actually have been delivered to customers, who have posted initial reviews – mostly highly favorable – on various Volt forums. As a Prius owner, I’m interested in the new Volt, and an early 2016 delivery date works fines for me. I’d think any changes would be in the electronics.

I cannot seem to get a good representation on the Citron Green Metallic GA1

I cant tell if it is a beautiful metallic Green or a dreary almost brown green. My dealer Pellegrino Chevrolet had asked for a clarification.

I want rain sensing wipers and a panoramic roof and a rear winder wiper. Come on Chevy! Otherwise I’ll wait for the 2017 Outlander which will have all these options.