Moke To Sell Low-Speed, Mini Cooper-Based Electric eMoke In U.S.

JUN 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Later this year, Moke America intends to introduce its eMoke electric vehicle to the US market, with the naming in reference/homage to the old British Mini Moke.

The electric version (there is apparently a gasoline option too) is equipped with a Chinese powertrain, and fits into the  lower speed NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) category rather than a highway rated/full street car; which means regional legal use (check your state’s road laws before purchase).

The range of eMoke depends on batteries – an old school lead acid battery is offered that nets ~40 miles, while a lithium-ion battery is apparently good for 90 miles on a single charge.

Being classed as a NEV means the top speed is just 25 mph, enough for a beach runabout.

The eMoke costs $15,975 (or more with the li-ion pack equipped, but without info on the option that we can find on their website), and requires 50% down payment, which overall makes us wonder whether there will be many hand-raisers at all.

eMoke specs


source: Moke America via Autoblog

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Will this moke America great again?

Yachts carried the original moke. The windshield folded flat and was easy to offload with davits. I kinda don’t see the point in this with heavy lead acid batteries.

“The eMoke costs $15,975 (or more with the li-ion pack equipped, but without info on the option that we can find on their website)…”

It looks like a golf cart, and from the description, has about the functionality of one. You can buy a pretty good golf cart for $5000, or a really cheap one for $200.

Where is the market for this?

Geez, unless you want that retro look, this makes no sense. Buy a Polaris Gem for less money, shorter wheelbase (it’s not a gas retrofit), and the confidence in knowing they have been making them for decades. 25 mph top speed means in the US it is a golf cart or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. I think the only edge it has is enclosed foot wells. Definitely an after-market option that’s available.

Honestly, if the look is such a big thing, why not OEM the Polaris vehicle and coach-build? That way, you can go retro without having to reinvent everything else.

Better choice (though built for two)

2014 Smart for Two EV, 727 mi, in Boston.

Has the retactable roof.

$10898 ask

Plus many, many others that are a better choice.

Yes but how much extra will that r cost you??

Isn’t this the vehicle in The Prisoner?

Sure looks like the “taxi” from “The Prisoner” (original, not remake), yes.

I am not a number. I am a free man!

“…By hook or by crook, we will…”

Yep, it’s the same company.


Are there really many Americans that want an old looking British car with a Chinese powertrain in it?

The speed limit on most New Orleans streets is 25 mph. Divided streets 35 mph and there is not the extra 5 or 10 mph in actual traffic above the speed limit.

Rarely do I travel more than 5 miles from home – there is rarely a need or desire to go into the Republican suburbs.

Raiding top speed to 32 mph would be a good fit for a car for many here.

Remind me again how many people are clambering to buy NEV’s?

How entrenched is that industry in this country?

As Dean Kamin found out, no one’s going to build or rebuild cities around their useability.