Tesla Model 3 Config Lets You Design Your Car Before Official Configurator Launches


Configure your new Model 3 before Tesla lets you officially configure it.

That’s the idea behind the Model 3 Config website, which has been active for awhile now.

However, just recently the site was updated to include mockups from some of the latest spy shots of the Model 3.

The only options you can sift through are paint, wheels and interior, but that’s basically what makes up the appearance of the car, so if you’d like to see what the Model 3 looks like in a dark shade of red with black wheels and white seats, then go ahead and configure it here.

Tesla Model 3 Configurator

With the Model 3 final unveil set for July, it won’t be long now until the official configurator springs to life on Tesla’s site.

Tesla Model 3 Configurator

Tesla Model 3 Configurator

And via this link here, you can configure a Tesla Model 3 based on some of the older images of the car.

Model 3 Config

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15 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Config Lets You Design Your Car Before Official Configurator Launches"

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That is the way I like it.
Thats the way i like it lyrics – KC and the Sunshine Band

That’s the way uh uh

Has anyone spotted a towing hitch on any of these spy-photos yet?

No way they are going to pblish a pic of the Model 3 with an ugly tow hitch sticking out the rear before the car has even hit the market.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

It must sticking out the front that it can be towed when battery is empty ???

Having a front hitch mount is a great idea. People with RV can tow it behind when they go on long RV trips. Unfortunately, I doubt they’ll offer it.

Since Tesla 3 is able to tow, wouldn’t that imply the frame is set to be able to tow? Then it’d be a matter of bolting on a hitch.

Integrate the hitch behind the license plate.
Enable “Tow Mode” on the dash and the license plate folds out of the way.

I also want to see Tesla implement a camera that can see the trailer ball and trailer and back the car up to the hitch perfectly. Woot!

If you’re going for more cowbells, how about auto pilot to back up the trailer when needed? Point on the screen, and the car+trailer goes where pointed. Despite many hours of practice, I still suck at backing with trailer.

Let’s be honest. Clothe will be the default option for the interior. Along with a steel/aluminum roof. I think people are going to be surprised by the number of options.

That’s how BMW gets their 3 series to the $35k price. It looks good when it says starting at $35k but model shown $49k.

Musk has said there will be fewer options on the 3 than the S.

The current S 75 has 10 different things you can pick. So I’m expecting the 3 to have 9 or fewer things.

I agree, the Model 3 looks great with larger wheels, but you won’t be getting those on a 35k car.

The simple look of the dash is growing on me, just hope the cruise controls are close to the steering wheel.

You don’t need them says EM … just speak to the car, that’s it.

Cruise control settings for the S/X are on a stalk on the left side of the steering wheel. It’s probably going to be the same on the 3.