MG Goes Electric In UK With ZS Compact SUV/Crossover


Finally a new BEV, for which the UK will not wait on until after the rest of Europe

The British brand MG (part of Chinese company SAIC) re-confirmed introduction of the all-electric version of its compact crossover/SUV ZS in the UK.

The MG ZS EV is to arrive in autumn and, according to the press release, will offer “full-sized boot, room for five, no compromise”. Depending on range and price, it could be an interesting competitor to models such as Hyundai Kona Electric, especially with production constraints.

As the MG eZS presented in China in 2018 was rated at up to 268 miles (431 km) on the old NEDC cycle, there’s a big chance to reach 200 miles (320 km) under the WLTP test cycle.

“MG Motor UK is set to launch its very first battery electric vehicle in the UK this autumn with the arrival of the MG ZS electric SUV. With a full-sized boot and room for five, the MG ZS EV is the perfect car for people who want to go electric but also need the space and practicality of a compact SUV.

Since launch in November 2017, MG ZS has become a familiar sight on British roads, always propelled by unleaded petrol fuel. With prices starting from just £12,495, packed full of tech and sporting a 7-year warranty, MG ZS has become a popular choice amongst British car buyers. From autumn, the petrol version will be joined by its zero emissions electric equivalent, bringing affordable electric motoring to the British public.”

“The MG ZS EV will be launched in the UK in autumn 2019. Full details, including pricing and specification, will be released closer to launch, but in the meantime potential customers can register their interest at

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing at MG, said:

“With the launch of our MG ZS electric SUV we’re delighted to be entering the electric car market at such an exciting time. With all the practicality and versatility of a compact SUV, a full-sized boot and room for five, ZS means electric without compromise. With MG’s trademark value-for-money approach, we’re confident that we can help more and more new car buyers to go electric”.

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3 Comments on "MG Goes Electric In UK With ZS Compact SUV/Crossover"

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> The British brand MG…

Sadly, there really isn’t anything British about MG any more.

> Since launch in November 2017, MG ZS has become a familiar sight on British roads

Uh…. nope. I actually spotted one last month, and it was such an unusual sight that I did a double-take. Apart from that one instance, I don’t think I’ve seen a single one on the roads ever.

In all seriousness, I’m glad they’re still in the market, and I’m glad they’re going to sell this EV, but they’re going to have to put a heck of a lot of effort into marketing it because if you ask most people in the UK about MG, they would assume the brand disappeared a decade ago. And even if people do remember MG, the brand image from before the original British company went bust is one of cheap, low quality sports cars; an SUV with an MG badge is about as incongruous an idea as an SUV Lamborghini (wait… you mean such a thing actually exists??!)

I actually saw an MG SUV yesterday. First time I ever saw one, and yes I did a double take too because the registration was too new for it to be an MG, but there was the badge. I hadn’t even known that the brand had come back. Still, a cheap electric SUV this year in the UK is some good news.

I think they might actually be first to market in this particular segment?…

If they price it well, and produce in significant numbers, I think they could gain some pretty good market share. (At least until the ID. CROZZ comes out…)