Lucid To Build In EVs Arizona: Production In 2018, Displays Prototypes Today – Video

NOV 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 24

Lucid Motors, which is gearing up to unveil its first electric model, announced its selection of Casa Grande, Arizona as the site for its first EV factory.

Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors’ production-intent models are set to debut in January, while two alpha prototypes were presented Tuesday during the Arizona plant announcement.

Ground breaking will begin in the first half of 2017, while production itself is said to start in 2018, with a plan to have 2,000 full-time employees working on site by 2022.

From the company’s live presentation (not embedable…but can be viewed here) at the 24:20 mark Lucid Motors’s CTO Peter Rawlinson (and former Tesla VP) encourages us that company is on track to re-imagine and redesign the car.

Lucid’s upcoming car is said to be an all-electric vehicle with power and range to spare: up to 1,000 hp and an optional 400 miles of range.

Lucid Motors announces Casa Grande, Arizona, as the location of its new factory

Lucid Motors announces Casa Grande, Arizona, as the location of its new factory

Press blast and announcement event video:

“Building the Dream

Lucid Motors announces Casa Grande, Arizona, as the location of its new factory

Today, Lucid Motors announced Casa Grande, Arizona, as the location for our cutting-edge automotive factory. The announcement was made at two events, one at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, and another at Casa Grande City Hall.

The site selection process began over a year ago, with our team evaluating over 60 potential sites in 13 states throughout the United States. In the end, we chose Arizona and Casa Grande for their pro-business mindset, excellent workforce, forward-thinking academic institutions, proximity to our Silicon Valley headquarters, strong regional supply chain, and availability of a suitable property.

Lucid Motors EV

Lucid Motors EV

We are excited to be joining the Phoenix metropolitan area community, which Fortune Magazine recently declared the hottest location for automotive technology. We worked in the spirit of collaboration and understanding with many state and local officials to bring this plan together. Those whose support was vital include Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the Arizona Commerce Authority President and CEO Sandra Watson, US Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, City of Casa Grande Mayor Bob Jackson, Casa Grande City Manager Larry Rains, Pinal County Supervisor Todd House, and Pinal County Manager Greg Stanley.

The Lucid factory program will be overseen by Brian Barron, Lucid’s Director of Manufacturing. Brian is an 18-year veteran of BMW, where he ensured the timely launches of various BMW model lines and managed functional areas in both South Carolina and Germany.

We plan to break ground and begin hiring in the first half of 2017. In 2018, we will begin production of our first model. By 2022, we anticipate having over 2,000 full-time employees working on site.

Lucid is creating a vehicle to lead a new era of luxury mobility. A vehicle that redefines the automotive experience for both driver and passenger. A vehicle that encapsulates the passion and ingenuity of our experienced team. In the state of Arizona, Pinal County, and the city of Casa Grande, we believe we have found the right partners to realize this vision.”


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Another ev start up?

I guess if you think a 9 yr old company is a startup.

I hear there is some nicely graded ground outside of Las Vegas that may go for cheap 🙂

In the not to far away future

Lucid Motors, formerly know as Atieva, has Faraday Future founder Jia Yueting as a major financial backer. Leading tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist, Pushmi-Pullyu, has yet to declare Lucid Motors to be a scam like he has with Faraday Future. What’s taking him so long? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Interesting coffee break… 🙂

Jia Yueting is scamming himself again. 😉

So you’re saying that FF is doing just fine and is a good investment?

Maybe they are all just so tired from working really hard on that factory site grading that they decided to rest and take a break until sometime in 2017 to start back building their factory?

You do realize that FF is a startup company that hasn’t had an IPO, so it isn’t a publicly traded company. FF is seeking venture capital from venture capitalists, hedge funds, and institutional investors, not the general public. Startups by their nature are very risky investments, since many if not most will fail. Startups seeking rounds of financing to fund their operations during their early stages is standard operating procedure, and it isn’t always pretty. Let us not forget the dark days after Tesla had their IPO and was publicly traded when Tesla was only two weeks away from running out of cash, had shut down their factory, and was in need of a bailout. Elon was flat broke, having invested everything he had into Tesla. Elon’s in-laws even offered to mortgage their house for Elon so that Tesla could have some cash to keep going. Elon went to Google’s CEO to sell Tesla to Google and avoid bankruptcy. They negotiated the terms of a sale and shook hands on the deal. But soon thereafter as the lawyer were busy drafting the documents to put the deal on paper, things turned around for Tesla. Sales picked up, revenue and cash… Read more »


I have nothing but respect for these startups and wish them well as starting an auto company is not easy and more likely to fail then succed and the investors all know that as history has shown how unkind the world is to auto companiy startups…
But just the same they throw their money on the line and bust there buts to try and make it happen…

I’m glad Elon was able to retain control. I think it works for the success of Tesla, when he can call the shots, without having an overlord like Google.

Why produce another mid-sized, luxury electric sedan? Why not start with a cross-over which is a faster growing market? Or even a semi-affordable sports car? Or even a small delivery truck.

Seems to me there are easier ways to make a name for yourself then trying to do a Tesla me-too car.

It is a proven formula for a starup to follow since the investors have hundredes of millions on the line…
Pheonix motors tried a EV truck several years ago that did not make it to market, Azure Dynamics tried a small EV delivery van, and Coda tried a compact car and they all went under…
So far the only proven EV startup formula is to bedazle the rich into parting with there money…
That formula probably would have worked for fisker too if problems didnt come up with the car…
Middle income people cannot afford to take chances buying an multi thousand dollar vehicle from a starup company…

Solid points. It is also hard to make an affordable car without scale and its hard to create scale without a track record and clear distribution channels to sell your product.

I just think it would have been wiser to start with something new and refreshing. I don’t think the Model X is going to be as popular as the Model S so even starting in that high end SUV market would have been better. Even a mini-van that could be reconfigured into a delivery truck. Anyway, you do raise good points.

The dazzle camouflage certainly hides the car’s looks. Maybe it is very early in development and a long way from production so they don’t want us to remember this version should it change drastically in the process?

Every car maker in the world camofloges their cars so they can reveal them at an event…

OK, but this wasn’t testing, it was an ‘event’ right?

The event here was for the factory there should be a later one for the car only so this is basicaly a teaser as they get free media coverage which is something Elon has mastered…

Looks rather low slung, with the rear seats pushed way back. Chinese market? Some sacrifice to rear cargo, but maybe like Tesla has a front trunk. Likely 110 KWh battery, aluminum chassis, rear wheel drive and luxury interior.

The sleeker the better

1000 hp and optionally a 400 mile range?

I suppose it has 350 kw 800 volt fast charging and dual -80 amp L2 connectors. (160 amps total, or why not a quadcharge 320 amps?)

I like the 400 mile range but I’d trade them 2wd and 100 hp if they could reduce the cost of the thing.

If they are rather childishly trying to “best” Tesla – they’ll be in the unenviable position of having a poorer reliability record.

Lucid Motors’s CTO Peter Rawlinson was fired by Elon Musk.

In Silicon Valley the Lucid Motors car is known as the “Revenge car.”

Rob Stark, cite some evidence. Did you work at Tesla?

We both know you are lying through your teeth.

Another car for the 1%ers….

The more EVs the better..