Listen To Loaded Tesla Semi Accelerate


It’s a bit louder than we expected it to be, but not even close to sleep-awakening racket made by a diesel big rig.

There’s that audible electric motor whine present, but we can live with that.

Soon, the roads will be so much more peaceful without the diesel clanking, smoke belching rigs of today around.

Video description:

“I caught these 2 Tesla Semis stopping at the Rocklin Tesla showroom to charge on their trip from Sparks, NV to Fremont, CA.”

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Bonus video below featuring a Tesla Model S next to the Tesla Semi at the Rocklin Supercharger.

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“Soon, the roads will be so much more peaceful without the diesel clanking, smoke belching rigs of today around.”

While I share your enthusiasm for EVs, let’s try to keep it real.

The lifespan of these dirty rigs is vvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy long and they will not be replaced with EV rigs before they are due for a rebuild.

My kids are 9 and 11. I hope their kids don’t ever hear a diesel rig, but for the rest of us…

Lifecycle of old rigs is all about how the operational and maintenence costs pencil out. Regardless of whether it still runs, if the bottom line says to replace it, it will be replaced.
I agree tho, it will also be a long time from a supply standpoint.

Right on the money! I think owner-operators may choke at buying a $180k rig when they are shopping used, but fleet sales (obviously) is happening first. ROI is significant here. If you have a $200k cost savings in 5 years, and I believe Tesla has written that out for us somewhere, then the only people who want to keep driving diesel are the ones not driven by business accounting principles. They like the sounds, the smells, or they dislike new things.

I don’t care whether it is Daimler, Tesla, or a Chinese business building this future, but I am excited!

Yep, plus well be ready to ban combustion engines from areas with people once their replacements are readily available.


“The lifespan of these dirty rigs is vvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy long ”

True but the financially viable life span is about to get shortened. If I can save 20 cents per mile in fuel and 25 cents per mile in driver cost with platooning then it doesn’t take too many months to rack up enough miles to cover an additional $90k in initial cost. In fact a team could do that in a year and that is without factoring in lower maintenance costs, superior reliability, serviceability, and durability.

Tesla will not be able to produce enough of them to significantly impact trucking but once they prove it can be done with significant financial benefits the entire industry will have no choice but to follow.

So far the industry is well ahead of Tesla, Tesla & fanboys just make most of the noise. Figuratively and literally too.

Tesla should really work on noise suppression, it can be done. On this video it sounds as loud as ancient trolley-bus models in some cities, loader and more annoying than diesel buses.

The noise is actually a good thing – it stops pedestrians (many of whom use their ears to determine location of vehicles) from getting run over.

President Tweets tariffs on steel and aluminum might lead to scrapping of dirty diesels for their steel and aluminum…you never know

But it’s “soon” on the time scale of geological epochs, the movement of continents, and — subjectively — how long the EV revolution is taking! 😉

Very long? 100K miles a year should wear a truck out well within 10 years.

Depending on truck quality, loads, road quality and so on. . But at work, our long distance trucks have to drive at least 200 000km a year to make a profit.
After 1-2 million km, we sell the truck, and they are usually used for 10 years by another company. Usually driving shorter distances, and connect cranes or some other special equipment.

They are designed to drive long distances. I know some companies also change the engine from a truck that has been in an accident. They can send axels to the manufacturer, and have them factory overhawled.

In the end though, if electric trucks become good, and they last for å fairly long time – lower running costs will make them more profitable- given the motor, electronics and batteries last long enough.
Electric trucks will be OK for box trucks, but for special trucks, they will struggle.
They can not run a refridgerated truck on electric power. At least not yet. Now it would only be short range, or with too many stops.

Oh man… Cameraman should’ve kept on recording the diesel rig for comparison. Oh well. Awesome to witness the advent of electric trucks.
I used to get that “rock in the lungs” from playing baseball in the smog of Southern California.

Both semi’s seen in this video are Tesla semi’s.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

I have trucks coming into our building to load and unload. The noise and mess they make is irksome. They leak oil and other fluids on the floor, foul the air inside the building and make an awful racket.

Would love to have have Tesla make a commercial of their truck pulling in, versus a diesel.

I think most of the noise was due to the motor being in regen. I think that may the loudest it ever gets.

Will be interesting to see if the advent of EVs will change the housing market, making those corner lots at traffic lights suddenly more appealing without the noise of cars accelerating away.

that’s a funny thought =)

while some people undoubtedly like their privacy well enough to steer them away from such lots I also have zero doubt that there are people who would welcome the exposure.

a corner house on the nearest thoroughfare to my own home for example spelled out the city’s initials in rock and keeps a relatively maintained yard. I can imagine greeting passersby by with a drink in hand if it didn’t mean sucking down pollution all the while.

likewise I was reading an article that stated virtually all health benefits of running are negated when it’s done on busy roads.

PM pollution from transport is nasty stuff and it is not going away, electric or diesel. I wouldn’t want to spend my life on corner lot, except maybe if it is 10+ floor above.

A thing of beauty

I love EVs, but this comment is useless.

apparently he believes the choir in need of conversion.

Check out the acceleration up the on ramp fully loaded. It looks unreal.

It’s a bit louder than we expected it to be, but not even close to sleep-awakening racket made by a diesel big rig.

Not every trucker sticks the loudest set of stacks on their truck and most aren’t obnoxiously loud. Similar story on smoke.

It’s good it has noise. The noise is actually a good thing – it stops pedestrians (many of whom use their ears to determine location of vehicles) from getting run over.

I hope governments will mandate noise-makers on EVs in the future, before too many pedestrians are killed by this quietness.

Sounds rough, Tesla needs to work on that. Maybe transmission noises?

Yep, probably hearing the reduction gear way more than the motor itself. Can wait to see these on the streets here in Montreal

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The most interesting part to me is that Tesla installed a Megacharger at the Rockland location. Notice that the truck is parked next to the fence that contains the charging equipment.

Fascinating discovery. Someone needs to get some more pictures and videos of this charging setup.

Interesting that the trucks had to stop – I thought they were supposed to have enough range for this trip?

Sounds like gearbox noises. Those gears better last a long time.

yes, single speed drives still uses gear boxes with gears to do a reduction. It sounds like those gear boxes needs some refinement.

But that is normal for an early prototype.

Overall, looks good.

What I am wondering is why the 2nd semi in this video (which is 2nd Tesla Semi in the convoy as previously noted by Bert) is sitting in the left hand turn lane, not fully up to the line & with it’s HAZARD flashers on? Might it be disabled? The other silver Semi went straight through the intersection.

I’m hearing pneumatic brakes. Is that just on the trailer?