Anyone Fancy A Tesla Model S Estate Wagon? Build Underway! – Fully Charged Video

AUG 11 2017 BY MARK KANE 32

Interested in a Model S station wagon?  Here is your chance!

A recent episode of Fully Charged News highlighted a British project developing a Tesla Model S estate wagon – and not just for a one-off project, but possibly a 25 unit production run, provided others are also interested in such a thing.

Tesla Model S estate (via YT/Fully Charged)

Even former Lotus, McLaren and Jaguar folks are engaged in the project.

The completion of the first unit is expected in October or November.

Watch the video from 13:15.

According to the build notes, a new composite rear end will likely both lower the weight of the Model S, and also improve aero (which of course would give the S even more range).

We are not sure whether the wagon version will meet all expectations, as the Model S is already one of the most versatile and roomy cars on the market today (EV or not), but we’ll give it a try!

Tesla Model S estate (via YT/Fully Charged)

Tesla Model S estate (via YT/Fully Charged)

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It looks like it should have a small orange flag on the front, only come in black, and have a door on the back for coffins.

(too harsh?)

IMHO not harsh at all. The profile does look like a hearse. If they wanted to avoid that look, they should have lowered the beltline in back.

Within 10 seconds of seeing the picture,a hearse is what came to mind for me also.

Both of you guys, show me a picture of a hearse that looks like this. Go ahead, we’ll wait… The wagon (estate) is genius and used to be well liked in this country. I’ve owned several. Leave it to America to screw it up into the “CUV” just so people can tell themselves they’re not “soccer moms” and they are “young, outdoorsy and cool”.

I couldn’t agree more.
When I was growing up, many dads aspired to having a station wagon. As kids, we loved them.
Either sitting, playing or fighting in the “way back”, beyond the reach of a parent wanting to reach back and give us “what for”.

Then, they went away.

For a while it looked like hatchbacks were the last dying gasp, and then Crossovers came…

Dav8or said:

“Both of you guys, show me a picture of a hearse that looks like this.”

Here you go:

Of course that’s not a real hearse; it’s Harold’s Jaguar customized to be a faux hearse, from the movie “Harold and Maude”.

And a similar one, but newer:

Yes of course. Now I see it. Those look exactly like hearses. It’s the black color I think. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like black cars.

Something like this perhaps?

The profile looks okay, altho certainly not as beautiful and sexy as the standard Model S.

But that 3/4 view from above… What a horrible way to uglify a beautiful car!


Didn’t they already make a Tesla hearse? Just throw in a couple seats and voilia 😀

How to Ruin a Tesla: By a bunch of old nerdy guys

No, Tesla has already done that. They created the Model 3 for young nerdy guys.

While station wagons aren’t my cup of tea, this is great. I can’t think of anything better than a group of guys modifying a Tesla to fulfill a need that hasn’t been met. Come on, it’s either this or they keep buying gas / diesel station wagons.

That’s gonna ruin the aerodynamics. But I guess some people need a wagon.

They claim improved aero.

I seriously doubt that. The big flat back end creates a vacuum.

To the wind-tunnel!

See video. They have allready been to the windtunnel. Station wagons don’t have bad aero, often better even.

It’s called a Kammback

“While the realities of fluid dynamics dictate that a teardrop shape is the ideal aerodynamic form, Kamm found that by cutting off / flattening the streamlined end of the tear at an intermediate point, and bringing that edge down towards the ground, he could gain most of the benefit of the teardrop shape without incurring such a large material, structural, and size problem. The airflow, once given the suggestion of the beginning of a turbulence-eliminating streamlined teardrop tail, tended to flow in an approximation of that manner regardless of the fact that the entire tail was not there. This is called the Kamm effect”

A wagon is not a Kammback, this is not a Kammback. To have better aero and use the Kamm principle it would need to have a downward swooping roofline.

There’s no way on earth this has better aero than the sedan.

I hate sedans, I much prefer wagons because the back seat is actually usable be people over five-foot-nothing, and you get the equivalent of a much bigger car in the same footprint. But sedans are winning in early EVs because they have better aero than wagons, and thus better highway range.

I would much prefer this than the Model X

I agree. If I could afford it this would be perfect for us. I don’t want an X the 3 is not likely going to allow us to load our dog crates in it while traveling. Nor can the S. This would be the perfect. Anyone willing to contribute to my cause. I could sure use one. 🙂

Agreed. I WANT THIS, but on the Model 3 platform. The Model S is just too big for me, the Model X is silly and all of them are just too damn expensive!!

I’m one of them who would like to get a station wagon, but maybe based on the Model 3 instead. My Prius V is halfway a station wagon already and I get great use out of it.

Not everyone needs a wagon, but some of us are just a little more utilitarian… 😉

+1 for a Model 3 wagon. Until then I’m making due with a gen 1 Volt.

Maybe we could get a Volt Gen 2 and do this kind if a Mod To it! The Volt needs more back seat headroom, and this mod could be the right trick!

I think a wagon would be great. It is nice to see people taking the basic car and modifying it to suit a different need. I remember when people would chop the top off a sedan to make a convertible, now that would be cool!

ISTR that’s already been done with a Model S. And was ugly AF.

Just extend the roof-line to the rear of the vehicle with near 90 degree rear door and that will make it look like a conventional wagon.

And Model S will become a proper 7 seater instead of current (5 + 2) with lot of space for the baggage. If they can do this for around $3,000 – $4,000, many will be interested in.

And this could become a big business for many who want to convert their sedans to wagons.

Anyone fancy a Model S hearse? No, thanks!

Now if they offered that kit for the Model 3, that would be perfect. It would fix the Model 3 admitted “problem” of the small trunk opening and greatly add to the utility of the model.

Doesn’t make sense on the Model S since it has a functional hatchback plus if one can afford a Model S one can afford the existing “estate wagon” aka station wagon aka SUV Model X.

I live and park in the city so my upright and short Leaf is a much better appliance for me, but this reminds me of my smooth and silent Mercedes wagons I have loved, with an even lower center of gravity. It’s an additional luxury to not have to call a truck for things that won’t fit under a hatch.

At least ones final ride will be electric and in silence.
Even the ICE Chrysler C300 in sedan form looks like a hearse in black – or mafia staff car belonging to a funeral director.
Maybe if they make these there should be a rule …. No Black S Wagons and all will be fine.