Bloomberg Says Jaguar I-Pace Is A Sexier Tesla Model X


The I-Pace is “not a Tesla-killer” but holds its own against the Model S and Model X.

Sure, hatchbacks/crossovers like the Chevy Bolt EV and Hyundai Kona EV might nearly match the range of Tesla’s lineup. But the Jaguar I-Pace is one of the first all electric vehicles from a traditional automaker to hit 200+ miles of range with the “range, performance, technology, and design” to rival Tesla.

So far the I-Pace has been a big hit with most people lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the vehicle. Bloomberg’s Hannah Elliott is the latest to take a ride in the all electric SUV. She came away quite impressed.

As with most electric vehicles, the instant torque “turns highway exits and on-ramps into a thrilling experience.” With 0-60 times of 4.5 seconds, the I-Pace can also pass on the highway without breaking a sweat.

The I-Pace feels “glued to the road” with no significant body roll and excellent handling. Although in her short time with the vehicle, the reviewer also never adjusted to the regenerative braking options.

Bloomberg found the interior “spacious and sunlit” although visibility is constricted in the rear windows. The exterior styling is also a highlight for Hannah Elliott. The midsize electric SUV is “something rather beautiful” compared to the rest of the SUV segment that “looks bland at best and forgettable at worst.”

She also praises the 100 kW charging speed on the 90 kWh battery. 40 minutes will get you from zero to 80 percent of a full charge. The I-Pace max charging speeds are just short of a Tesla Supercharger. Still, at these speeds it outperforms most other plug-ins.

Overall, the publication came away quite impressed, stating the I-Pace feels “as refined, quiet, and sensibly dutiful inside as it feels to drive.” For the full review check out the link below.

Source: Bloomberg

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It isn’t hard for a car to be more sexy than a Model X.

@eject said: “It isn’t hard for a car to be more sexy than a Model X.”

As they say: “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”…. I think both the Model X & I-Pace have good exterior aesthetics for the type of cars they are:

I-Pace is more CUV exterior profile with accompanying lower interior volume. Model X is more SUV exterior profile with accompanying higher interior volume.

But if you see both sitting in a parking lot which one would you do (not marry).

I think it depends. I’ve seen a white Model X with that small spoiler on the back, and to be honest, it doesn’t look that great. It reminds me a bit of a large white whale. I’ve also seen a brown Model X (with no wing/spoiler) that looked very stately. I think each definitely has some pros and cons in the looks department.

I love the white one. It looks positively majestic.

Neither since neither have a tailpipe.

Model X is more minivan profile.

We should have “the sexiest SUV on the road” vote each year.

Nissan Cube is sexier than the Model X 😀

Now that’s funny 😅😂🤣

Too bad it is the same size as the Model 3, which destroys it in looks.

Looks are subjective. Tesla puts more thought into the engineering aspects than the fluffy fickle aesthetic aspects.

And that’s why the Model X looks as it does. If you want more range at a lower price, Tesla has you covered. If you want to spend more to look like an old-fashioned ICEmobile…go with the other automakers.

Yes, Model X is one of the ugliest car on the road today.

Model S is damn gorgeous though…

Now if they could only make some of them…

They are! At current production pace (or is it IPace?), it will only take two more years until they have filled the preorders from Norway, and 12 years after that to get the 20 k done for Waymo.
It is surprising to me that production numbers for August were lower than for July. I hope they can increase output soon.
Usually, Magna, who does the manufacturing in contract for Jaguar, is not known for slacking off during the vacation time in summer, as they get paid by volume output, and thus have a strong incentive to produce.

That’s the problem with the current crop of non-Tesla EV’s: limited numbers, limited markets, all vying to be better than!
It’s great to see these options coming, you’ll know EV’s have guy mainstream when you can walk into a dealers show room and they are on display.

I’m glad to see Jaguar I-Pace getting positive reviews. Hopefully Jaguar makes and sells a bunch of them… it would be great to see I-Pace ascend the INSIDEEVs Plug-In Sales Scorecard.

A Jaguar dealer recently told me that the i-Pace will have access to Chargepoint chargers. When he said that I realized that our conversation was over.

What’s really laughable is the fact that he spent a week doing i-Pace training so he could be the certified “expert” at his dealership.

What’s wrong w/them having access to Chargepoint chargers?

Nothing. It’s the fact that he didn’t realize there isn’t a difference between Level 2 J1772 chargers. And that Jaguar doesn’t have sole access to Chargepoint.

All EVs can use chargepoint chargers. What were you expecting when you walked in, exactly?

I’m very well aware of that. Apparently the “expert” didn’t, that’s the point. It was yet another example of the “expert” not really knowing the big picture.

Well technically that is true. It’s not impressive as every other EV also has such access but he’s not wrong.

Though I do still like the design of the Model X, I have to admit from a distance its side profile does look chunky. It is of course due to its ability to have up to seven seats, but it starts out sleek at the front like a Model S then gets tall, and fat between the B and C pillars. The chunkiness can be especially highlighted when a Model X is equipped with the smaller standard wheels.

I agree. It is almost purely designed from a practical standpoint so you have to sacrifice somewhere. They could have easily made the X just a little taller than the S as a 5 seat CUV and tapered the rear more to make it look sexy. But then they would have had basically the same car which would be redundant. They had to make it something different like a 7 seater which required a higher roof-line all the way back on the same platform which resulted in its bulbous look. They would have had to build it upon an entirely different and bigger platform to turn it into a well designed 7 seat SUV which of course they couldn’t do. One could argue that maybe Tesla should have just started with a 5 seat CUV from the very beginning instead of the S and made only 1 model of luxury vehicle before the Model 3. But that is hindsight and who knows if it would have worked since in 2010 when the S was being developed cost per kWh was much higher and the 85 being the longest range pack they could make work at the time would have given… Read more »

You are more than welcome to spend more money on a boxy EV that will have a shorter range. But you might want to think about things first and decide if you REALLY want to sacrifice range & money for a certain look.

It’s not just about looks, the range will still be more then enough, and I’ll also get better build quality, I’m sure simple things like automatic wipers won’t be an after thought sent as an update but still in beta. The I-Pace as I’ve configured it will cost about $30,000 less then my old Model X too, so I’m not sacrificing much in the way of money either. And finally, the I-Pace in person, isn’t as boxy as the photos on the internet suggest…..

The Model X is really a mini van, and as far as mini van’s go, it’s the best looking.

Yep, that was what it was designed for. To haul kids around to soccer games etc…

That’s a fair point.

It MAY be a sexier Model 3 (Y).

A MX it is not, WAY too small.

I like the design though, and that is built here in 🇦🇹.

Since when has a 0-60 time any relevance for passing on the highway?

Since EVs made ICE obsolete w/transmission gear searching/downshifting.

Um… since forever? A car’s 0-60 time is pretty much always a good indication of its ability to pass with alacrity (or not) on a two-lane highway.

It’s normally 50-70 mph. For an ICE car 0-60 is relevant because you can shift gear to stay within the power band. With single gear EVs the acceleration starts becoming anemic at 50 mph.

BS on that one.
The Model 3 P I drove this weekend had mind-boggling acceleration even at 70-90 mph on the freeway.
Was easily able to blow past other fast ICE cars even if they tried to keep up.

And I was very careful to not be dangerous in carrying these out btw lest someone her complain.

According to my tests, my Leaf takes 2sec to go from 100kmh to 110kmh, each 10kmh takes about 2sec. That’s plenty fast enough for my overtaking needs.
It doesn’t feel like it is going faster very well because there is no associated angry noise to tell you it is working hard to get there. But the speedo doesn’t lie, and 140kmh is reached within a few seconds, I’m thinking of you have a super car then yes the Leaf slow, but if you really haven’t ever driven one then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Or maybe you’re a risky driver and like to over take on corners, rises and towards oncoming traffic, in which case good luck with that.

0-60 is considered the bench mark for accelerating on a ramp to attain highway speeds,
since say the 1950’s when that was the usual speed limit on the highway.

In person, the iPace is surprisingly small and squat. It was at the Drive Electric event this weekend, side-by-side with the Model X (and loads of other cars). The specs confirm this. Headroom is less than Model 3 and considerably less than Model X. Front legroom is a full 2″ less than the Model 3 and rear legroom is less than the Model 3 (which is hardly known for having spacious rear seating!). The cargo space is 57 cubic feet with seats folded vs 88 for the X. With a 220 mile range and a limited charging network, this car needs to play into the school-run suburban mom market but it is too small for that. I would be surprised if it sells more than 10,000 units a year in the US.

Yeah, I find it just bizarre that Jaguar continues to advertise the I-Pace hatchback (falsely advertised as a “compact SUV”) as a head-to-head match against the much larger, 3-row Model X CUV. The I-Pace isn’t in the same class… in more ways than one. (For example, the I-Pace’s inferior energy efficiency.)

But I guess they think it works for them from a marketing perspective. Too bad they can’t make them in quantity!

To be fair, the I-Pace seems to have more serious off-roading capabilities than most of the other “SUVs” sold nowadays… Even if the body shape is not exactly a traditional SUV. (But not a traditional hatchback either.)

@antrik said: “…I-Pace seems to have more serious off-roading capabilities than most of the other “SUVs” sold nowadays…”

+1 feature of I-Pace

From road test videos I’ve seen I-Pace has goat-like ability to traverse difficult off-road trails.

I kind of like the styling and it seems like a toss-up between the Jag and Audi as the best Tesla alternative from the Euro manufacturers. The specs of the BMW and MB vapor-ware mobiles are underwhelming, especially given their intended release dates.

Now the elephant in the room is the comparison with the Model 3. From a drivetrain technology standpoint the Jag and Audi look to be about a generation behind Tesla, never mind the Supercharger network advantage.

All 3 are different drivetrains but the Jag and the Model 3 are almost the same with permanent magnet SRM. The Audi is using induction motors. But I am not seeing this generational difference unless I am missing something.

I totally agree Mike but I will wait for final judgement for these exciting new EVs to hit the road in numbers so we can get a lot more real-world info and feedback.

“…Jaguar I-Pace Is A Sexier Tesla Model X”

No doubt a survey of I-Pace owners would agree. That is, if you could find enough owners to actually conduct a scientifically meaningful survey… 😉

A Google search of “Bloomberg Tesla” reveals Bloomberg’s bias, there is nothing but negative stories about Tesla.

I watch a lot of financial news channels for my job and it’s true, CNBC and Bloomberg TV both make snide comments when any Tesla news story is aired. Bloomberg TV had an interview with the CTO of Lucid and they were fawning over how he said Lucid wouldn’t have any of the production issues that Tesla has. Crazy.

That’s not true. I check Bloomberg regularly; and while they do publish many negative news pieces (though not as bad as say CNBC), they also have some quite positive reports occasionally. Those by Tom Randall in particular are generally worth reading.

I wish the story didn’t come from Bloomies which are known Tesla haters…
Loved the iPace from the first time i saw it 3 years ago. Beautiful car. In my book however, it has a black eye…that efficiency is just unacceptable…but then again, only ev fans care about stuff like that so maybe it won’t matter much.

I agree, it is the most beautiful EV right now inside out. I’m eyeing for it too.

I-Pace < EQC < e-Tron < Model X — yet people keep comparing the I-Pace to the Model X. Makes about as much sense as claiming that the Porsche 911 is a sexier Mercedes S-Class…

Sexy for a Ground Hog Looking Grill Face..

If I had to choose on aesthetics between the Jaguar or the Tesla – I would definitely get the Jaguar.

It is then fortunate that the rational part of your brain also consider the better battery technology, the better range, the faster acceleration, the much more efficient infotainment, the vastly superior Atopilot, the unriviled ovet the air updates, all powered by the far better charging network or you could have made the mistake of actually spending ~$80k-$100k of your hard earned cash on the demonstrably inferior product that is the subjectively “cuter” I-pace.

Silly to see these compared.
The X’s competitors would be more Navigator, Escalade, MB GLS-class, etc. The X is a full-blown luxury SUV.
OTOH, the I-pace is more akin to a Rav4. A small over-hyped X-over.

Comparing these 2 is really foolish. I-Pace should be compared to the coming Model Y, though again, I suspect that Y will be superior, esp for the price vs. the I-pace.

More divide to conquer, from anti Tesla propaganda Bloomberg. They can go F themselves.

I disagree. The I-Pace is the best of the lot brought out by Europeans lately, but sexier than the MX? Not in my book.

PS I really do not like the electronics I’ve seen on any of the European cars to date. Tesla’s screen is much more functional and appears to be easier to use.