Jaguar I-Pace Platform Could Underpin More EVs

OCT 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

Jaguar announced earlier this year that from 2020 every new model will be electrified (meaning hybrid, plug-in hybrid or all-electric offering), with the first all-electric of course being the 2018 I-PACE.

Inside the i-Pace

A senior Jaguar Land Rover official has now hinted that the I-PACE platform was developed to be used as the base for other new models.

However the platform for I-PACE somehow wasn’t designed with a sedan, coupe or sports car in mind.

So at least for now, the I-PACE is the only pure electric model from JLR, as the Land Rover division is focusing more on the plug-in hybrids.

“For the moment, the I-Pace is the only all-electric model in the works for either Jaguar or its Land Rover sibling, but “you can assume” that the underlying platform, unique to that battery-SUV, was designed to be used for other models, a senior JLR official told

And if – make that when – the next model comes out it also will be a utility vehicle, the underlying, skateboard-like platform not designed for use in a sedan, coupe or sports car. Of course, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that Jaguar could come up with an additional platform for an all-electric passenger car at some future point.”

source: The Detroit Bureau

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To be fair, while JLR is doing quite well right now, they probably lack the funds to release tons of new cars.

So if it takes another 2 years for the next EV that’s fine, too.

How about the most iconic “E” Type. A small affordable roadstir.

Along the same point as Warren’s above:

Jaguar is close to having the capability in providing a conversion “kit” for some of its older vehicles. The conversion provides a 40kWh electric drivetrain to replace XK-type engines. Hopefully they’ll start to manufacture and sell these conversion kits.

I don’t think any car company would design a from-scratch BEV without thinking of other models that use the same drivetrain/platform… For that matter, the same applies to ICE drivetrains/platforms.

“However the platform for I-PACE somehow wasn’t designed with a sedan, coupe or sports car in mind”
How so? I understand how a 2-seater sports car might need a physically smaller platform (and need less battery capacity), but why not a sedan?


A certain manufacturer from California, would disagree.

The 3 is ground up re-tech on the Model S. Induction motors -> Permeanent Magnet, new inverters, new materials choice, new switchgear, new interior suppliers, new ….

Well you get the point. Maybe Tesla should fire Elon and get Ralf on the case !!

That is a good looking car. That must sell well if it’s not filthy expensive.

XF/XE models would make good EVs.

This AngloIndian new Jaguar 2.0
created orrible cars like:
XE, XF,F-pace, E-pace
then came I-Pace, I remember when in 2013
I have been interviewed by Jaguar Staff and they asked me:”can you see a small Jaguar car?”
me I though what??? are they F…k I…t??
then for joke I said them:” yes sure I can see it!!”
I couldn’t imagine they did it!
I-Pace it’s a joke it’s an insult of old Jaguar tradition
nothing to do with the real old Jaguar of Yers 60’s 80’s even 90’s

What’s “orrible” is your spelling. And no one makes 60’s cars anymore, for obvious safety/efficiency/cost reasons. Today’s Jags are a sight better than the 80’s stuff in just about every way.

Yes, I-pace is a great looking car. Id like to see a reasonable $$$.

Jaguar is so on the right track. They have EPace, IPace coming. Epace will sell like FPace, like crazy. IPace, to be manufactured in Austria, only has under 20,000 capacity, first year sold. Next, we will start to see plug-ins on XE, FPace, EPace, Disco-Sport, XJ. They are now talking seat spirtscar touring XK replacement. They have their hands full.Remember, electrification means plug, 48Volt, true electric, etc. So lots to come. Staying the course.

I bought the 3 litre F-Pace S Diesel 1 year ago after having had 3 various Range Rover models and when I first saw the I-Pace specs 6 months later I put in my order immediately (lust?) as it was meant to be within +10% of the F-Pace pricing.

I then saw the car at the Goodwood festival in July and can now not wait to drive a 21st century Jag without the diesel clatter as it looks great (but red/orange is not it’s best colour I feel)

I saw its not as big as the Tesla S or X so that suits me, as most of the time I drive alone to work.

Range anxiety is in the back of my mind as plugging it in every night is not something I am used to doing. I think it might be usefull to have a backup fossil fuel car till I’m retrained.

Hope to find out the colour choices and autonomous tech options at launch in Australia early next year.

I must say the new Volvo XC60 T8 hybrid is also a tempting (and more cautious) option as a petrol hybrid.

Luxury car makers could produce EV versions of their models to capture market share, but so far few have.

Where are the “EV” estate / station wagons? Not everyone wants an suv, not sporty, little utility just somewhere between a sedan and a minivan.