Ford Trademarks Mach E: Likely For Mustang-Inspired Electric CUV


It won’t be called the Mach 1, declared Ford some time back.

So, let’s call it the Mach E. Just one tiny little change might make a world of difference.

Ford fans weren’t too thrilled when hearing that the Mach 1 name might be applied to an electric crossover, so Ford took note and went back to rethink branding.

Mach 1 Out – Mach E In

Now, from a recent trademark filing, we learn that Mach E was applied for and approved in late November. This seems like the name we’ll find adorned on Ford’s first pure electric, long-range crossover in the near future.

As The Drive states:

A corporate law firm acting on behalf of Ford filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for trademarks on the names “Mach E” and “Mach-E.” Their respective filings are described as pertaining to “motor vehicles, namely, electric vehicles, passenger automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and structural parts, fittings, and badges therefor; metal license plate frames.”

And here’s a look at the filing:

Previously reported info indicates that the all-electric crossover, which had been dubbed Mach 1 in reference to its Mustang-derived styling features, is confirmed as a globally engineered model to be revealed next year, with deliveries starting in 2020.

The 300-plus mile electric CUV should really boost Ford’s electric car sales, which up ’til now have largely relied on plug-in hybrids and the short-range, low-volume Ford Focus Electric.

There are no details at this time on production volume or potential pricing.

Source: The Drive

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There is someting wrong with the front of this car. Hopefulle they will change the front to look better.

This isn’t from ford. Just a fan render.

It actually could be for the Electric version of the Mustang.

As someone whose first car was a 69 Mach 1 I would hope you are right but I doubt it…
The thought of a Mustang inspired CUV make me want to puke…

Like Mitsubishi making the Eclipse Cross.

YO ‼️

yo yo…

“Previously reported info indicates that the all-electric crossover, which had been dubbed Mach 1 in reference to its Mustang-derived styling features, is confirmed as a globally engineered model to be revealed next year, with deliveries starting in 2020.”

It will be good if Ford will manage to reveal it in 2019. The more new EV models coming to the market, the better it will be for everyone. But if they don’t reveal it in 2019, then it will be just another setback for Ford. One would think that Ford wants to compete to gain a certain marketshare.

Fords CEO is basically giving up being an automaker, and is looking to transform Ford into a transportation technology company.

With CES, Detroit, and the NY show all coming up, hopefully they’ll finally reveal (at one of these shows) this long rumored BEV.

The previously almost nonexistent Ford EV program, and transformation to electrification, may finally be well underway.

Ford could potentially announce more job cuts than the recently announced GM cuts and plant closures. This potential Ford News is coming from A.J. at Morgan Stanley.

I’m curious to know what Ford is doing to keep themselves relevant in the EV tidal wave that is coming. They aren’t investing in battery factories, so they won’t be cost competitive there. They aren’t trying to snatch up the best electrical/EV engineers there are, so they aren’t being competitive with their engineering. Are they going to try to rely on their existing fan-base to carry them forward? I know there’s a lot of people who like Fords, and will only ever buy a Ford, but relying on that is a pretty scary thing.

So what is Ford doing?

Re-branding VWs is their strategy.

Basically moving away from building vehicles, and becoming a tech company for the transportation sector.

Ford could purchase state of the art electric skateboards from someone else to use on their vehicles. Why does every car maker have to reinvent the electric wheel from scratch? Someone like Rivian might be interested in supporting Ford as an OEM, for example.

Ford Machie?

Two thumbs down!

Sounds like Tesla will make sushi out of Ford. “Mach E” ~ “Maki”

Make the back taper less, and the render would not be a terrible look for a crossover.

Finally some competition for the convertible Nissan Murano for ugliest CUV

AMC is dead. Long live AMC!

The AMC Pacer was the Best!
$37.4 k at Auction gets you The Prize!

So, we have yet another CUV-EV that is not in production yet. I’m guessing this will directly compete with Model Y and the yet-to-be-shown Buick-based-on-Bolt.

take a Model-x, overlay an image of a mustang, call it something different.
FORD – pushing the past into the future with as little imagination as possible!

I kinda like EXP
E electric
X crossover
P eaguses