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We’re all conditioned to take our cars in for an oil change every so often. Could be every 5,000 miles. Could be every 10,000 miles. Or maybe it’s once per year if you don’t drive that often. Regardless, this never-ending schedule of once-in-a-while oil changes is as familiar to us as apple pie and Aerosmith.

What’s unfamiliar is adding electric vehicles to the mix. With no oil that needs changing, your EV will have far fewer checkups with a qualified technician than the gas-powered vehicle it probably replaced. And that’s a bad thing.

Mechanic writing on clipboard sitting in car being serviced

Most dealerships and independent oil change shops do a lot more than just change your vehicle’s oil. They generally have a large list of items to check on your vehicle to make sure they’re working properly. Things like your windshield wipers, your cabin air filter, your lights, and most importantly, your tires.

Without oil changes, an EV’s tires are forced to carry on for tens of thousands of miles without being monitored. They’re also missing out on being rotated, which ensures they wear evenly over time, and no one’s regularly examining them for signs of premature wear.

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Premature tire wear is a common complaint among new EV owners, and there are many reasons why tires wear faster on an EV than a gas-powered car. For example, EVs are heavier because of their battery packs and often driven more aggressively because of how powerful they are.

Without an opportunity every so often – like an oil change – for an expert to inspect an EV’s tires, most owners only discover there’s a problem when they’re left on the side of the road with a flat tire.

ERange EV Tire Test

The good news is there’s something you can do to extend the life of your EV’s tires between service appointments. For one, don’t drive your EV so aggressively; slow down when accelerating and driving around corners and you’ll extend the life of your tires. The second thing is to buy EV-specific tires from a company such as Sailun.

Sailun produces the ERANGE EV line of tires, the first dedicated electric vehicle tire lineup specifically designed, constructed, and tested for EV applications. There are ERANGE tire sizes for electric cars, and SUVS with more sizes on the way, all of which are manufactured using a liquid phase mixing EcoPoint technology, which is a technical way of saying they’ll deliver long-lasting tire life.

Another reason they last longer is that ERANGE tires have far greater load-bearing capacity than typical tires to account for an EV’s extra weight. A reinforced sidewall also gives them better handling and cornering capabilities than traditional tires.

Sailun eRange Tires

Lastly, ERANGE tires use special tread patterns and particularly formulated rubber compounds to ensure they go the distance with your EV. It doesn’t hurt they were designed to be ultra-quiet, too.

Who knew never having to get an oil change again would be a bad thing? Now that you know the dangers your EV faces because it doesn’t visit a service center as often as your old gas-guzzler, you can do something to keep it healthy in those long stints between checkups. Slow down and buy yourself a set of Sailun ERANGE EV tires.

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