If you’re the owner of a Tesla Model Y or Model 3, Tesloid, manufacturer of high-quality Tesla accessories, has a line of wheel covers for both the Model Y and Model 3 that preserve the standard wheel’s benefits while massively upping its curb appeal, that too in seconds. Plus, you can save an additional 10 percent at checkout by using code TS10. 

Tesloid’s line of wheel covers are each miles better looking than the standard wheel covers that Tesla fits to the Model Y and Model 3. The company currently sells three different styles for the Model Y – Viking, Induction, and Blade – and two for the Model 3 – Induction and Sport. Each one is immediately recognizable as belonging on a Tesla. In fact, the Viking for the Model Y and Induction for the Model 3 are clearly inspired by the automaker’s larger, more expensive rims, and would likely fool any passerby into thinking they were the real thing.

Tesloid is offering an exclusive 10 percent discount for our readers. Use code TS10 at checkout.

Tesloid Wheel Covers


Tesloid intentionally designed the radius of its wheel covers to be larger than Tesla’s standard wheel size, which means they’ll cover the lip of the wheel’s rim and protect it from curb rash damage. Any long-time Tesla owner will tell you that their wheels are a magnet for curb rash; it’s been accepted now as part of the ownership experience. Therefore, a set of Tesloid wheel covers should be the first accessory you purchase after taking delivery of your EV if you want your rims to remain rash free.

At the time of ordering, if you choose to upgrade the rims, it will run you an extra $1,500-$,2000 to swap the wheels for your Model Y or Model 3. A lot of new owners decide to stick with stock options to stay within budget. If that’s something you did, we have some good news for you. 

Tesloid wheel covers cost just $229 and come with all four wheel covers and a free storage bag to safely store away your original set of wheel covers. Plus, you get 10 percent off using coupon code TS10, bringing your total to just $206 for all 4 covers.

Tesloid Wheel Covers

If you’re wondering how the installation works - the wheel covers are designed to be taken on/off, within seconds literally. Watch below to find out. 

Do we have a favorite style? Of course we do. For the Model Y, the Viking style (above) is our top choice. They look very similar to the upgraded turbine-style wheels for the Model S with their sharp-looking, straight fan blade design. And for the Model 3, we have to go with the Induction style (also above), which is a dead ringer for the 20-inch Überturbine wheels that Tesla includes on the Model 3 Performance.

Tesloid is offering 10 percent off its entire lineup of wheel covers. Simply use the coupon code TS10 for your discount at checkout.

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