Looking for inexpensive means to offer EV Charging and increase your income? Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle from United Chargers does just that. 

The Grizzle-E Smart Commercial Bundle is the all-in-one Level 2 Commercial Solution that includes Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charging Hardware and ChargeLab Commercial EV Charging Software for one low price.  

The Grizzl-E Smart EVSE is the revolutionary wifi EV charger. An affordable, durable product made for all environments, including Canada’s coldest temperatures and the extreme heat of Arizona, its simplistic set-up transforms any space into a recharge area for vehicles. 

ChargeLab software allows each station owner to set pay-per-use EV charging fees and allows you to collect revenue from guests, tenants, or the general public. Owners can set prices by time or kilowatt-hour and can easily adapt to demand/response utility pricing for charging sessions. The owner gains access to a comprehensive dashboard in which they can set power sharing, bill rental tenants or condo owners, and restrict EV charger access based on user accounts. ChargeLab’s software is certified for OpenADR demand response integration with utilities.

The software also makes reporting easy to use, tracks your station usage, generates reports with downloadable data on each person’s charging sessions and charging statistics, is pre-set to work around your schedule, and takes any demand/response utility programs in your area into consideration. 

What sets the Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle apart from the others? The investment cost is under $1,300 and includes 3 years of network services, a hardware warranty, a standard 25-foot cable, and a metal enclosure unit. There are no installation or monthly fees, and you keep 100% of the revenue generated after credit card processing fees. No app or account is required. Customers simply scan the QR code and pay through the mobile browser to begin charging.

Similar units from competitors cost at least $2,700 just for the charger and then another $350 for network services and almost $400 for the warranty, putting this company’s total three-year cost at almost $3,500 compared to $1,299 for the Grizzl-E Commercial Bundle.

Product specifications for the Grizzl-E Smart EVSE hardware include:

  • Powerful 40-amp (10 kW AC) delivery
  • Adjustable power: 40A, 32A, 24A and 16A
  • J1772 Type 1 connector
  • Up to 30 miles per hour charging speed
  • Available with either NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 plug configurations (can also be hardwired by a licensed electrician)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Supports the open and interoperable OCPP 1.6 protocol
  • IP67 water and fire-resistant indoor/outdoor metal enclosure
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors thanks to a NEMA 4 aluminum cast robust enclosure, with an optional lock
  • Energy Star Certified and UL Certified for the US and Canada
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Eligible for a wide range of Level 2 EVSE rebates across the US and Canada

The ChargeLab commercial software includes the following features:

  • Manage the Grizzl-E Smart or any other OCPP-compliant EV charger through an intuitive dashboard
  • Track usage, generate reports, and download data
  • Set pay-per-use EV charging fees and collect revenue from guests, tenants, or the general public
  • Restrict EV charger access based on user accounts or open up your chargers to the public
    Install more chargers on a limited electrical circuit using power management

Gallery: Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Charger

You can purchase the Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle directly from the Grizzl-E website or on Amazon. For personal home charging, United Chargers also sells the Grizzl-E Smart charging unit on its website.


Famous Wok/Umi Sushi Express 

We offer this charger at our corporate office located in an office/industrial area with residential nearby. We wanted to future-proof, take advantage of great rebates and offer a charging option to fellow neighbors.

Famous Wok/Umi Sushi Express is a family-run business franchising fast-food restaurants across North America. We love partnering with innovative Canadian companies and supporting green initiatives.

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