There's a whole host of reviews of the 2022 Lucid Air electric sedan popping up online, from long-form written works to quick walkaround videos and lengthy first-drive critiques. If you can only find time to watch a few, we encourage you to check out our own Tom Moloughney's first drive review, as well as the latest from Throttle House (above).

If you're not a Throttle House fan or subscriber, we suggest you check out the YouTube channel. Not only are its videos highly informative, but also hilariously entertaining. We will warn you, however, that there may be a few instances here or there that aren't the safest to watch at work or around children, mostly due to the occasional innuendo.

Throttle House opens the video with an interesting "SNL-style" skit, which is supposed to paint of picture of what the Lucid team may have gone through as it made final decisions surrounding the Air electric sedan, and how it might best compete with Tesla.

Clearly, Lucid upped the ante and did everything in its power to provide an electric car that wouldn't be cast aside as another "Tesla-killer" that failed to deliver. The Air boasts significantly more electric range than any production EV to date, lightning-fast charging, gobs of horsepower, an opulent and spacious interior, and so much more. However, is it a good daily driver, and how does the heavy cruiser handle itself well enough while carving canyon roads? Throttle House writes:

"With hopes of going toe to toe against the mighty Tesla Model S Plaid, the Dream Edition Performance packs 1,111 horsepower. Thomas and James are eager to see what the Lucid Air can do on a California canyon road. Will it be able to keep up with the sharp turns and bends despite being quite large and rather heavy? And just how livable is the interior on a day to day basis?"

Written words simply can't do this video justice. Get out the popcorn, sit back, relax, and be ready to be highly entertained. It's time to laugh out loud and learn all about the Lucid Air.

If money wasn't an object, and either car was readily available at a moment's notice, which would you choose, the Tesla Model S Plaid or Lucid Air? Share your pick with us, as well as why you think one car is better than the other.

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