If you're thinking of buying an EV, there's a good chance Tesla is on your radar. There's arguably an even better chance you're considered the Tesla Model 3 and or the Model Y. The Model 3 and Model Y are the two most popular EVs in the world right now, and orders for the electric cars are mounting in such high volume that Tesla can't possibly produce enough to satisfy the demand.

That said, is the Model Y – Tesla's newest model, a crossover based on the Model 3 – worth the money and the long wait?

The Tesla Model Y came to market in March 2020, right in the midst of a global pandemic. At the time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he thinks the Tesla crossover will become the brand's best-selling model. Many people had their doubts, especially since, on our shores, the Model Y is much more expensive than the Model 3. Currently, the cheapest Model Y starts at $53,990. Meanwhile, you can get a Model 3 for around $40,000.

Tesla briefly launched a cheaper version of the Model Y in the US, but it's no longer available. Clearly, the electric automaker doesn't need to offer a cheaper version to drive demand for the Model Y. However, once Tesla's factories in Texas and Germany are up and running, perhaps we'll see a return of a cheaper Model Y in the States.

Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Gjeebs has owned his Model Y for about a year. He's provided extensive coverage of the car along the way, and now it's time for his 30,000-mile review. If you're in the market for the Y, you should find the video very helpful. Gjeebs provides chapters and timestamps so you can focus on the details that matter most to you, which we greatly appreciate.


1:10 How does the Model Y Drive?
2:42 Model Y Performance Giveaway
4:00 More Driving Impressions
4:43 Luxury Suspension Talk
5:52 When I am getting another Model Y
6:31 Why Tesla Over other EV's
7:22 Cabin Noise
8:51 Model Y Exterior after 30,000 Miles
12:06 Heat through the roof review
13:31 Quick Rant
17:45 White Seats after 30,000 Miles
18:38 How Long will I keep my Tesla?
21:58 Tesla Tires
23:05 Interior
24:52 Cleaning white Tesla seats
27:07 The Screen

In summary, Gjeebs loves the Model Y. It's not perfect, but no car is. Regardless, it's roomy, comfortable, sporty, and packed with tech features. He says he plans to keep the crossover for a long time, and he's not getting antsy for a different car.

For prospective Model Y buyers, you'll have to decide if the EV's strengths outweigh its flaws. Considering Tesla's software advantage and Supercharger network, it's hard not to recommend the brand's vehicles over rivals. However, if you're a stickler for first-rate fit and finish, or you're hoping for an ultra-luxurious electric crossover, you may want to give the Model Y a very close look before placing an order.

Check out the video and then scroll down to our comment section to leave us your takeaways. Do you think the Tesla Model Y is one of the best EVs on the market today? Why or why not? With all the competition coming in the space, can the Model Y become Tesla's best-selling vehicle?

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