Audi will begin delivering its all-new 2022 Q4 E-tron electric SUV in the US soon. It's not to be confused with the current e-tron, since the Q4 e-tron is a new, less expensive model.

The Q4 e-tron will carry a starting price of around $44,000, which is very reasonable for a luxury electric crossover. For comparison, the current e-tron starts at over $65,000. However, this particular comparison pits the new Q4 e-tron against the Tesla Model Y, which will set you back about $54,000, though Tesla may have less expensive "trims" in the pipeline.

The 2022 Q4 e-tron is much like the Volkswagen ID.4. The two share a platform, as they're both produced under the Volkswagen Group umbrella. However, while the ID.4 is considered a mainstream or non-luxury EV, the Q4 e-tron is much more premium.

For those interested in the ID.4 rather than the Q4 e-tron, the VW electric crossover starts around $40,000. Keep in mind, the Audi and the Volkswagen are both eligible for the $7,500 US federal EV tax credit, which no longer applies to Tesla's models.

Jonathon Stewart, otherwise known as Cleanerwatt, has made a reputation for himself comparing vehicles and producing videos with ownership cost analysis. In this video, he goes over important details about the Q4 e-tron and Model Y to help shoppers determine which electric SUV is best for them.

For starters, the Model Y is sleek and modern inside, with a large touch screen that controls nearly all features. On the flip side, the Q4 e-tron has an interior that's more like Audi's current gas-powered vehicles. It's busy and has plenty of buttons and knobs. In addition, it's highly luxurious. If you like buttons and knobs, as well as a familiar interior with top-notch materials and fit and finish, the Audi may be better for you.

The Q4 e-tron base model doesn't yet have an EPA rating for estimated range, though the AWD model can travel 241 miles on a single charge. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y Long Range has an EPA-estimated 326-mile range. However, in real-world driving, these two electric SUVs have been shown to have similar range.

In terms of features, both SUVs are loaded. However, in order to get a Q4 e-tron with similar technology to the Model Y, you have to step up a few trim levels and add packages, which makes these two SUVs much more closely priced. 

The Model Y has more legroom than the Q4 e-tron in both rows, as well as more cargo space. However, the Audi has more shoulder room throughout. The Tesla also charges more quickly and has a higher maximum towing capacity.

There are more details covered in the video, and Cleanerwatt puts everything into nice, neat charts. Check it all out and then leave us your takeaways in the comment section below. Is the Audi Q4 e-tron a solid Tesla Model Y rival?

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