What does experienced industry teardown expert Sandy Munro think about the various upcoming all-electric pickup trucks? He joined Alex Guberman to provide his take, and regardless of what you think, his well-researched opinions are always well-worth tuning into, since they're backed by years of experience and know-how that few others have access to.

Agree or disagree with Munro's opinion and content, it really makes no difference here. You can call him a Tesla fanboy (based on some reports that he's a stockholder), a realist (since he doesn't hold back or sugar-coat anything), or an in favor of disruptors and startups over legacy outfits, which arguably seems to be the way the auto industry may move forward. 

In the end, Munro's industry expertise, along with his in-depth teardowns speak volumes in the industry. So, what exactly does he have to say about the inevitable future of all-electric pickup trucks from the likes of Tesla, Ford, and Rivian?

Sandy Munro has made a name for himself and gathered an impressive following thanks to his EV teardowns. He's clearly a big Tesla supporter, though he's also chosen to take apart several current and upcoming EVs. We've all been waiting for his analysis of the various electric pickup trucks, which should come to market soon. However, while none have officially arrived, there is at least one already on the way soon, and Munro is already working to dive in.

Electric pickup trucks have been a long time coming, and they're still not here. However, Rivian is in the midst of producing and delivering its compelling R1T all-electric truck this month. Many folks said it would never happen, but as far as we can tell based on Rivian's updates, the R1T may actually be in some owners' driveways ASAP.

Sadly, it seems the Tesla Cybertruck will not arrive anytime soon. Ford says the all-electric F-150 Lightning will arrive in the spring of 2022. So, which EV truck option is the best choice? It all comes down to your timeline, budget, overall needs, and top priorities. Thankfully, Munro gives us his welcome analysis to help you decide. It seems his top pick at this point is the Rivian R1T, which is good since it's the only electric pickup truck coming to market soon.

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