The Standard Range Tesla Model Y is something of an enigma. Originally announced at the full Model Y reveal back in March 2019, it was then cancelled ahead of production in 2020. Then, in January 2021, it suddenly became available only for it to be removed from Tesla’s site a month later. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s issue with the Standard Range Y has always been its 244 mile EPA range, which he believes does not meet the “Tesla standard of excellence”. That said, those in the US can still order a SR Model Y today, but only over the phone or in person at a Tesla showroom. Interestingly, in China and Hong Kong you can order a Model Y SR online – but nowhere else.

Regardless, the young couple behind Daily Motor picked up their Standard Range Y back in January 2021 when those in the US could still order one online. Their car has no options, and cost exactly $42,000. Since then, they’ve driven over 13,000 miles with their only major expense being new tires. That said, they do intend to add a $1,200 towing hitch which will be installed by Tesla.

They have found their Y to be very efficient, averaging just under 3.7 miles per kWh. They also have more than enough space for their active lifestyle, with plenty of room for camping equipment. From a daily driving perspective, the car is ideal too. It’s extremely cheap to run with home charging, meanwhile charging on the Tesla Supercharger network is completely free for them thanks to their many referrals. 

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As you probably know, the infotainment setup in the Model Y is exactly the same as in the Model 3. The couple noted how it works well and is responsive, however for them the navigation system isn’t quite as good as Google Maps. You can’t plan for multiple waypoints, for example.

The interior has held up well, with no major damage. There are a few minor panel gaps, but nothing major. Interestingly, the couple could make a profit on their Model Y if they sold it now. Due to the semi-conductor shortage the used car market is crazy at the moment, and the couple have been offered $48,000 for their Y - $6,000 more than they paid a number of months ago.

However, they both made it clear that they will not be selling it anytime soon. For them the Y is the perfect vehicle with comfortable seats, good infotainment and a superb sound system. Although there are a few annoying issues like a clicking sound in the fan, for them the Y is a solid “A- or B+ student”. It may not be the best driving, smoothest or most efficient EV but as an overall package it’s simply too hard to beat.   

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