At this point, you're likely very familiar with industry teardown expert Sandy Munro. He's been publishing vehicle teardowns for a time, though revealing what's inside Tesla's vehicles boosted him into the spotlight. Now, Munro seems to focus on all EVs, and more specifically, how they compare to Tesla's cars.

Early on, it seemed Munro wasn't so sure about Tesla. However, after multiple teardowns, he's now standing behind the company. In fact, some reports even suggest he's a Tesla shareholder. While Munro tends to find some engineering methods and features interesting in other EVs, he remains fascinated at how far ahead he believes Tesla is in most areas. He also believes that only startups like Tesla have the ability to compete with China when it comes to new technology.

With that said, Munro put out a recent video that doesn't follow suit with his usual content. It's basically a rant where the teardown expert shares what he thinks about the US government and how it's handling the automotive industry, as well as the future of propulsion and automation. Munro also points out that the government and related organizations seem to have chosen other automakers to praise and support while working to criticize, punish, and stifle Tesla.

Interestingly, this isn't just a "normal" Munro video with a little hidden rant at the end. Instead, Munro has billed it as a "rant" himself. In fact, the YouTube video is entitled: Sandy's Rant: Tesla AI Day + NHTSA & Congress.

In summary, Munro is upset that Tesla doesn't get the praise and recognition he believes it deserves for being a leader in electrification and autonomy. He's worried that Big Three automakers simply don't have the technological and software expertise to compete with China, though the government is leaning on them to be leaders, all while pretending Tesla doesn't even exist.

Munro goes so far as to call other OEMs' automated driving technologies "crap." He's clearly angered that other automakers receive support and praise for their efforts, especially related to advanced driver-assist systems and semi-autonomous driving solutions, while Tesla is, once again, being criticized and investigated.

Munro believes systems like Tesla Autopilot save lives, though the media and the government are more concerned with making a spectacle out of a few crashes, which are bound to happen in any car. Typed words can't really do this justice, and Munro has a lot to say. 

We'll leave you to check out the video and form your own opinion about Sandy's rant. Once you've watched, be sure to start a conversation in our comment section below.

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