Our friend Andy Slye finally got to drive the new Tesla Model S Plaid. In fact, he says he spent the day driving the sedan, and it was incredible. It comes as no surprise when someone is blown away by the Model S Plaid's acceleration, but what about everything else? How is the car as a whole?

If there's one thing we've noticed about Andy over the years, he's honest. Slye is a Tesla owner, and he's also a big fan of the company. However, if something irks him, if he's upset over an issue, he'll share it. At times, Slye has pointed out a Tesla issue or flaw and then fellow Tesla fans harassed him. The way we see it, you can love a product and a company while still admitting that it's not perfect and/or still expecting better.

For this reason, we were excited to see that Andy released a Model S Plaid review video. If there's anything troubling about the new Model S, we'd like to know about it, but thus far, folks seem enamored with the car, though some aren't big fans of the yoke.

The Model S Plaid Slye drove cost $150,000 after upgrades, taxes, and fees.

Slye says the Plaid is not only the best car to drive, but also the best car to ride in. This is because you can feel its power while relaxing in ultimate comfort. Unlike most high-performance cars, the Model S has four doors, it seats five people across two spacious rows of seats, it has loads of cargo space, and it's packed with the latest tech and safety features.

Slye also mentions the car's ventilated seats, amazing sound system, in-car gaming, tri-motor all-wheel drive, and much more. While the Model S is the quickest car ever produced, and obviously the quickest EV, it's also the longest range EV, which makes it as practical as it is performance-oriented.

If you love the Plaid, but don't have $130,000 to spend on a car, the refreshed Model S Long Range is essentially the same car for $84,990. It won't scoot to 60 mph in two seconds, so you'll have to settle for three seconds, but aside from that, it's mostly the same.

Check out Andy's in-depth Model S Plaid coverage. Then, scroll down and leave your takeaways in the comment section below.

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