It's likely most everyone across the globe has heard about the Tesla Model S Plaid acceleration, or at least everyone who follows the segment, in addition to all the hardcore car lovers who pay close attention to racing and acceleration. Most folks have probably caught mention of the new Model S' updated interior as well, but exactly what's new may still be a bit of a mystery to some folks.

Most of the focus around the Model S Plaid has been on its amazing performance specs. Tesla's vehicles have been known for having mind-blowing acceleration for years. However, while it's labeled as a luxury brand, Tesla's interiors have never been up to the level of German luxury cars. Some may check out the new Model S and Model X and still insist that Audi, BMW, and Mercedes offer nicer cabins, but Tesla has stepped up its game in a big way with the refreshed flagships.

Keep in mind, rather than focusing on having the fanciest and most expensive interior materials and the absolute highest level of build quality and fit and finish, Tesla has kept its focus on interiors that are modern, innovative, futuristic, and most of all, highly useful. They may never be up to the level of German luxury, but it seems Tesla fans and owners are more than okay with that.

Sure, having an exquisite and opulent cabin that's impeccably built and adorned with the best materials deserves plenty of credit, and it certainly impresses people. However, part of Tesla's mission is making people's lives easier, and building cars that require less driver input, and that's not just related to actual driving, but instead, everything about the car inside and out.

In the video above, popular Tesla detailing outfit OCDetailing (love the name) provides a detailed look at the Model S Plaid to reveal what's changed with the substantial refresh.

Check out the video. Let us know what you think of the changes. Did OCDetailing miss anything significant? Is there anything else you think Tesla should have changed? Leave us a comment.

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