For many years, Tesla has been under scrutiny for years over the build quality and fit and finish of its vehicles. The Model Y crossover is certainly no exception, and some people would argue it has more issues than any Tesla vehicle to date. However, it seems the same thing was said about the Model 3 early on, and eventually, Tesla corrected the problems. 

Content related to Tesla is all over social media and the internet, and much more of it is more negative than positive. While that doesn't mean stories about inconsistencies with fit and finish are false, it does mean they're bound to get lots of attention. Keep in mind, most people aren't going to take to the internet and social media to share how problem-free their car is, but they're sure to share its problems.

Do pristine, high-quality Model Y vehicles even exist? According to many people, they do. However, it's clear that there has been a real lack of consistency since the Model Y was launched over a year ago.

Vehicle quality is difficult to analyze, since no one person is going to see every car or be able to easily keep track of changes to build quality. It's simply hard to prove without a doubt that Tesla's quality concerns are greater than those of competing automakers, or if there's just more attention on Tesla's quality. However, The Electric Man has been trying to keep track of Model Y fit and finish for many months.

The Electric Man doesn't simply look at one random car, but rather, he travels to a Tesla Service Center, car delivery center, or a showroom to take a look at a consistent list of aspects related to multiple cars.

This May 2021, The Electric Man finds that many common problems seem to be less apparent. He believes it's clear that Tesla has made strides with the Model Y's fit and finish. However, with that said, there are still some obvious gaps, though they should be easy for a Tesla Service Center to adjust. He says to be sure to thoroughly check out your vehicle before you take delivery, and demand that issues are fixed before you close the deal.

In the end, quality control is critical to Tesla overall, especially if it wants to break out of the reputation it has had for years. However, as a Tesla shopper, what's most important is that your vehicle is free of issues and up to the standard you expect. Look it over carefully before taking delivery. Don't accept it if there are concerns. Please share your related experiences with us in the comment section below.

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