Munro Live's adventure with the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 came to an end with the ride and drive episode, which left Sandy Munro pretty much frustrated - "I wasn't happy at all.".

Sandy Munro said that he expected a lot from the Volkswagen, maybe even that it will be a Tesla killer - pointing at the Tesla Model 3, but then commented that Tesla has nothing to worry about.

The ID.4 was considered a good-looking car and a lot of things are positive (some were not), but the final ride and drive experience was something completely unexpected for Sandy Munro.

The previous episodes were: first impressions and space under the hood, undercarriage and charging).

What we can see in the fifth episode is quite embarrassing to watch, a test drive (without preparations) that reveals the weak points of the ID.4. It's unintuitive in terms of infotainment (and also some general controls, according to some of the previous reviews, including the German Autogefühl).

Because the Sandy Munro does not appear to be very familiar with computers and the latest digital tech in general, it was almost a perfect storm for the user experience.

"When two worlds collide"

This, combined with the testing in a hurry, resulted in a terrible experience. Many of us would probably sooner or later find the right icon to click to find navigation or charging station list, although we must take a broader look at this review.

The Volkswagen ID.4 was supposed to be a mass-market car, but as far as the software is considered, it might not be ready for the mainstream market. We guess that Volkswagen is working on a new edition of the system.

Other than that, the driving experience seems to be positive, but simply drowned in a deluge of frustration.

Maybe if the software will improve in a year or so, then Tesla's edge will substantially decrease?

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