Our good friends from All Electric Family just got their hands on the all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E. When we learned they drove the car, we were very excited to learn about their impressions. However, they're working on the driving impressions video, which we'll share later. For now, we get their first video, which is all about the Mach-E's features.

While we certainly love our fair share of professional car reviews, we honestly believe that this type of review is often more helpful to the average car buyer. Many mainstream car reviewers are now educated about EVs, and while that's a good thing, it also means they may talk "over the heads" of most car shoppers.

There are basically two main types of car shoppers who may be considering a Mustang Mach-E, or perhaps three. Some current Tesla owners are very likely to check out and even consider buying a Mach-E. Gas car owners who are either Ford fans or simply Mustang fans may also have the Mach-E on their radar. Finally, folks who currently own an older EV from another brand and are thinking of stepping up may be looking at the Mach-E.

All Electric Family falls into two of the categories above, but they're somewhat of a unique case. They own a Tesla Model X, but they admit to not really knowing a whole lot about EVs, aside from what they've learned from being relatively new Tesla owners.

They are also Ford fans, and have a history of owning gas-powered Ford products. On a side note, we find it interesting that Katie rarely mentions Tesla in the video, and she makes no attempt to compare the Mach-E to Tesla, aside from saying it's similar in size to the Model Y. Clearly, this review is geared to gas-car owners who may be considering the switch to an EV.

Katie steps inside the Mach-E with very little information to go on, much like many potential buyers will. She points out that the electric Mustang is designed in such a way that it's sort of idiot-proof for EV newbies. Even though the Mach-E is a ground-up electric crossover, Katie's description makes it seem more like a gas car with an electric powertrain.

The Mustang Mach-E has a busy interior, lots of buttons and knobs, fake engine sounds, and an interface that keeps things simple, at least as far as what information it quickly reveals to the driver. Diving deeper into the touch screen and controls takes some time to figure out. Katie says the infotainment system feels clunky and it's not very intuitive.

The rear seats have enough headroom for adults, but the cargo area is not tall enough for Katie's dog. She also attempts to put three car seats across the rear seats. If you do that, the kids will have no cupholders. Her kids didn't say they were cramped in the back, but they felt the rear seating area was small.

In the end, Katie's early impressions assert that the Mustang Mach-E may be a good car for people to transition from a gas car to an electric car. It is designed with current Ford owners in mind. However, seasoned EV owners may have some issues with that concept. Keep your eyes out for the driving impressions video soon.

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