Electric cars are available on the used market at massive discounts. While this isn't especially true for Tesla vehicles, there are certainly some deals to be had. There are many reasons used electric cars are often so cheap. First of all, not many people want them. With low demand comes discount prices. In addition, the fact that the original owner may have taken advantage of a large federal EV tax credit works to diminish an EVs' value.

With that said, Tesla's vehicles typically aren't  "cheap" on the used market. This is especially true of the Model 3, and will likely be the same for the Model Y. If you're looking for a cheap used Tesla, your best option is the Model S. Older copies are available, demand isn't as high, and the most expensive luxury and premium vehicles tend to lose their value quicker than more reasonably priced mainstream cars. For the same reasons, you can probably get a decent deal on a used Model X as well.

Our friend Ben Sullins has been following and reporting on Tesla for years. He's also bought and sold his fair share of Tesla vehicles (all four models). In this recent video, he's put together a list of helpful buying tips for people looking to pick up a used Tesla. We suggest searching for several articles and/or videos on the topic before you actually set out to buy a used Tesla. There's plenty of information you should know ahead of taking the plunge.

Sullins reminds us that Tesla doesn't use traditional model years, but rather, updates its cars on a regular basis. Instead of looking at the model year of a used Tesla, check out its range and features. In addition, make sure to pay close attention to the car's warranty coverage. It would also be wise to do some research about typical problems related to the Tesla you're planning to buy. Sullins provides details about his own personal experience with typical problems related to all four Tesla models. He notes that all Tesla's models have issues, even when they're new, and sadly, Tesla can't easily fix some of them.

Check out the short video above. Then, let us know if you've bought a used Tesla or any used EV. Do you have any other tips that could be helpful to prospective used electric car buyers?

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