It's the ultimate electric car road trip in the opulent, high-performance, and pricey Porsche Taycan. As you may already know, our own contributor Kyle Conner recently broke the EV Cannonball Run record in the Taycan, traveling non-stop, coast-to-coast from New York to California.

The previous Cannonball Run record he broke was his own record set in a Tesla Model 3. Now, we have a new performance EV that's perfect for road trips. When the Taycan first came to market, many people poked fun at its range, with comments like "Good luck taking that car on a road trip." This is because it only has about 200 miles of EPA-estimated range. However, many people, including a few of our team members, have proven that the Taycan has plenty of range, and it also charges quickly.

The other early concern about the Taycan was the lack of a "proper" charging network. Conner proved that concern wrong when he broke the coast-to-coast EV Cannonball Run record. Needless to say, he's been quite busy road-tripping the Taycan 4S. In this recent video, he sets off from Marco Island, Florida, and heads up the east coast clear to New York City. Well, just about. Conner's east coast road trip actually ends in northern New Jersey, just shy of the Big Apple.

This video is a long one, packed with information, comedy, and all sorts of conversation. Conner deals with charging issues, flat tires, and some cold temps. It's your typical Out of Spec EV road trip.

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