We tested the 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S, as we do with every EV, in our 70-mph highway range test. The Porsche Taycan hasn't been on the market very long and it already has a storied history when it comes to range. The good news is range is impressive, and we prove it to you here.

Kyle Conner drove the 2020 Taycan 4S to get an idea of just how much range you can expect. The 4S is the base model, with an MSRP of about $104,000. Based on our official real-world range test, it has a whole lot more range than the EPA suggests. We're not surprised, but we are excited.

According to the EPA, the 4S will take you 203 miles on a single charge. Porsche received a lot of criticism when the Taycan came along, since a range of around 200 miles is low for a new EV, and especially one with such a high sticker price. However, many folks have proven that the Taycan can do much better, including our own Tom Moloughney.

As usual, Conner started with a full charge and saw over 270 kW charging speed at an Electrify America station. He ran the normal, loop-style highway test until the Taycan 4S was rendered useless. It actually died on the way to the charger. Fortunately, he shut the car off and then started it again and it gave him enough boost to get to the charging station.

Tom and Kyle both run these tests the same way and work hard to make sure that they are as consistent as possible, though there are always variables. According to Conner, he tried to keep it so that there were no cars in front of him and he used RANGE mode. The HVAC remains turned on in ECO mode, and the tires are set to the manufacturer's specifications.

The good news here is, even with the Taycan 4S wearing the largest and widest wheels available for the car, it destroyed the EPA's range estimate, with an impressive 278 miles. Check out the video for details about the results. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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