It is no secret that Jeremy Clarkson gave Tesla a hard time when he tested the Roadster for Top Gear in 2008. Tesla tried to sue the show for libel, but British courts rejected the lawsuit. If you watch the video below, you will have the impression that this is an entirely different Clarkson. The new one seems to be genuinely impressed with the Tesla Model X.

The British presenter did not only check some of Tesla’s most famous features, such as Autopilot and Summon. He also took quite some time playing with , drawing stuff, or teasing James May with messages there.

Tesla Model X Performance Raven (source: Autogefühl)

What people will certainly enjoy watching in the video above is a drag race Clarkson promoted against the Audi R8, one of the most capable combustion-engined cars around when it comes to performance. Although you already know the Tesla beat the Audi, you should not miss how it did that and how the whole thing ends. For the record, Clarkson was driving the Model X.

When we started to think the British showman was quite soft with an electric SUV made by Tesla, Andy Wilman provided the perfect opportunity for typical British humor. It was a point in which Clarkson would mention the drawbacks of the Model X. 

The Grand Tour producer only allowed that to happen after the presenter consulted a team of lawyers. The funny bit is that all six of them were inside the SUV. The discussion that follows and the epilogue will make you laugh.

Although the video does reveal all the drawbacks Clarkson found on the Model X, it does not point to any reason for him to be gentle to the vehicle apart from a genuine appreciation. As the British presenter puts it, “it really does seem to be all things to all men.” Fans of the vehicle will be pleased to hear what Clarkson praises about it.

Source: Amazon Prime Video Nederland

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