Our good friends from the All Electric Family YouTube channel got to check out a Tesla Model Y for the first time recently. As you may already know, they own a Tesla Model X that they use for towing a camper. However, the Model X is at the Tesla Service center right now, and somewhat surprisingly, Tesla gave them a Model Y loaner. Perhaps Tesla hopes they'll buy it before the end of the year?

With the demand for Tesla's vehicles, we didn't think it was still in the habit of providing its own vehicles as loaners. Tesla did provide Model S and X loaners for a time, but lately, we'd heard that it was no longer common to get a Tesla loaner, but rather a random gas car. At any rate, of all the vehicles All Electric Family could have ended up with, they got a brand-new Model Y, which makes for great video material.

The Model Y is much cheaper than the Model X, starting at around $50,000 compared to $80,000. It also offers nearly as much passenger space, though the Model X has more cargo capacity and an available third row. The Model Y will be available with third-row seating soon, but it won't have as much space back there as the Model X.

What else sets the X and Y apart? Aside from price, what might make you choose the Model Y over the Model X?

All Electric Family likes that your phone is your key for the Model Y. That's not the case with the Model X. Katie also says the Model Y just feels more solid than the Model X. It feels more well-built, sturdy, and responsive than its larger sibling, in addition to being quieter inside.

The Model Y is less busy inside. It has the same simple setup as the Model 3, with a single screen, only two stalks on the steering wheel, and fewer buttons, knobs, and distractions. The Model Y's vent system is unique, since it's actually just a single vent across the whole dash, and it's controlled by dragging and swiping via the touch screen.

The Model Y has a more functional sun visor than the Model X, and its center console has two spots to charge your devices, as well as a good amount of storage. Finally, the Model Y is more efficient than the X and it has a heat pump, so it will cost you less to run.

Check out the brief video for more details. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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