Kyle Conner's mom owned her 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus for free, or at least nearly free once all the numbers were calculated, and that's excluding fuel savings. You'll be shocked by the numbers. If you were to add in fuel savings, you could say she actually made money owning the car.

In this recent video, we get to hear from Kyle's mom (she's not a car person) about her experience owning a Tesla Model 3. This gives the average person some idea of what it's like to own a Tesla, without having to deal with all the hardcore details and lingo that most traditional, seasoned car reviewers like to throw at you.

While Kyle's mom loved her Model 3, she decided to trade it in for a brand-new Model Y electric crossover. Being that it's the end of the year, Tesla is pushing hard to deliver as many cars as possible. This means the automaker is compelled to do whatever it takes to make a deal. Tesla doesn't really offer incentives or discount its cars, but it can sweeten the deal by offering enough for your trade-in that it's hard to pass up.

Kyle reminds us that when he got a trade-in quote for his Tesla Model 3 Performance, it was terrible. Typically, automakers don't offer as much as you might expect for a trade-in. However, we've seen some really good offers here and there, as well as a long list of bad ones.

In Kyle's mom's case, she ended up driving her Model 3 for free thanks to how much Tesla offered for the trade-in. Now, she's in a new Model Y for the new year. Keep in mind, this is a best-case scenario, but it does prove that this is possible, due in part to how well Tesla's vehicles hold their value.

Check out the video to learn about her Model 3 experience, see the Model Y delivery process, and hear all about the trade-in deal. Then, scroll down and leave us your wisdom in the comment section below.

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