Why so many articles and videos about and snow? It's as if people need a full college course before they take their EV out into the winter weather. Is it really that hard?

No, you can drive an EV in winter weather just like you drive any other car. However, there are some valuable tips that will help you immensely, especially when it comes to range and charging.

The first video (above) details "6 Pro Tips" for driving your Tesla Model 3 in the winter. If you already own an EV and live in an area that experiences rough winters, you may already be aware of some of this info. Perhaps it's time for a refresh? YouTube channel A Media Life spells it all out for us. The six tips are as follows:

  1. Use a non-water-based silicone lubricant on the door, trunk, and frunk seals. In addition, spray the hinges on the door handles.
  2. Use instant hand warmers to quickly warm up your charging port (at your own risk).
  3. Change your in-car settings to 'Chill Mode.'
  4. Switch your car's regenerative braking strength to 'Low.'
  5. Be sure to always precondition your battery.
  6. Shut off your EV's auto-folding mirror feature.

While these are solid tips that some people may not have thought of, there's much more you can do to make life easier when driving an electric car in the winter. There's a wide range of other obvious and not-so-obvious advice, such as installing the right tires, using the heated seats instead of the HVAC system, and much more.

Below, we've included a few more videos with valuable advice related to driving an EV in winter weather. Check out the videos and leave us a comment.

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