Frank Stephenson is known for his work at Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, McLaren, Min, and other brands. Motor Trend has called him "one of the most influential automotive designers of our time."  

Stephenson says many people have asked him to provide his opinions and educated take on the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. However, like many of us, his initial opinion during the electric pickup truck's reveal may have differed from how he sees the future electric vehicle now.

For this reason, Stephenson is honest to admit that he waited. He didn't want to offer up a "reactionary" analysis of the Tesla electric truck. Many people did just that, and that's the easy way to go. Instead, Stephenson spent a year thinking about the Cybertruck, doing his homework, calming himself down, and letting his initial thoughts rest before publishing his "review." He writes:

"Hey everybody,

I have noticed that since the creation of this channel so many people have wanted to know what I think about Elon Musks Tesla Cybertruck. This car is, for obvious reasons, a very easy target which is why I didn't want to give you something reactionary. So, I have taken over a year to consider what this design means for the future for of car design and, in fact, design in general as we move into an increasingly uncertain future.

I really hope you all enjoy it.


Franks says people were either in love with the Cybertruck or offended by it. Of course, there were also those who were speechless, like himself. Now that he's had some time to let it all digest, Frank says he's worried about the Cybertruck coming to market and feeling immediately dated. He's actually surprised Elon Musk would go this direction. He points out that the design is really nothing new, but rather, the opposite.

Frank goes on to say that, inside, the Cybertruck feels cold, old, and uncomfortable. He calls it gimmicky and says that it doesn't feel like the future of innovation at all. He says the Cybertruck's design doesn't scream environmentally conscious or sustainable. In fact, Frank thinks it conveys the opposite.

Clearly, Stephenson has a whole lot to say, and a whole lot not to like about the Cybertruck. He actually goes so far as to say that the fact that its security features and bullet-proof glass are its major selling points, it makes the design feel paranoid and insecure about the future. He points to a Buick electric car concept to show what the future of EVs should look like.

Check out the video above for Stephenson's expert take. Then, scroll down to the comment section and let us know what you think of his opinions.

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