It would be safe to say that some old-school automotive experts aren't Tesla fans. They may not believe the company has what it takes to be successful over the long term, and they may not like how Tesla and Elon Musk handle announcements, timelines, etc.

One example that many Tesla skeptics regularly mention is that Tesla has announced vehicles like the Cybertruck and Semi and Roadster, but still not brought them to market. Some of these skeptics believe the vehicles, as well as other features and plans Tesla has promised, will never actually come to be.

On a recent PKA Podcast, Matt Farah (@TheSmokingTire) speaks out against the Tesla Cybertruck, though he says he thinks Tesla's current vehicles are all "fun in their own way." He talks about the Cybertruck because one of the podcast participants (Kyle) admits that he's considering getting a Cybertruck. Farah immediately drops and shakes his head "no." Kyle says he actually brought up the Cybertruck just to see the other guys' reactions. Farrah goes on to say:

"My recommendation is to start with a vehicle that's based in reality."

"I would not start with a fantasy movie prop that's not actually a real vehicle."

Honestly, we see nothing wrong with this advice in and of itself. Farrah is telling a friend not to plan on buying a car next year that's not even on the market and has no solid timeline. He's not saying don't ever buy the Cybertruck even when, and if, it comes to market. However, the discussion carries on and gets much more interesting.

We're not here to make a decision about people's opinions. We're also not here to transcribe the entire podcast clip. Instead, we're interested to know what you think of Matt Farah's take, as well as that of the other podcast participants. Check it out and leave us your opinions in the comment section below.

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