This new Tesla Model Y owner listened to the advice of many viewers before he took delivery of his new Tesla crossover. What issues would cause you to refuse to take delivery? What might you be willing to overlook?

Ever since the Model Y first came to market early this year, we've heard reports of quality and fit and finish issues, among other concerns. This comes as no surprise since the same situation presented itself with the Model 3, which the Model Y is based on. At this point, some people will tell you the issues are minor and "one-off," while others insist they're rampant.

While we have no way of knowing for sure, what we do know is that many eager Tesla Model Y owners will take delivery regardless of some small concerns. We also know that, in the end, most of these owners appear happy, if not thoroughly impressed, with their Tesla vehicles overall, even if they wish quality control was held to a higher standard.

With that said, for all the Model Y reservation holders out there, it's important to know what to look for on your delivery day. Tesla Canuck's viewers put together a long list of Model Y concerns. Before taking delivery of his Tesla on November 28, he sifted through them and searched for the most common issues  What three problems would lead him to refuse delivery?

  1. Obvious panel gaps and misalignments
  2. Paint issues
  3. Interior issues

Watch the video for details about the Model Y issues. Then, let us know what might cause you to refuse to take delivery. If you own a Model Y, please use our comment section to share information about your delivery experience, as well as the crossover's overall quality.

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