Is the Porsche Taycan an outlier since it offers incredible performance, first-rate accommodations, room for the whole family, and plenty of practicality? Few cars are able to meet all these requirements, but electrification is changing that for the better.

Typically, at least with many cars and SUVs, you can either choose dynamic performance or practicality. Few family-friendly vehicles are solid performers. Likewise, few performance vehicles are highly practical. Of course, there are exceptions, but not many. However, Everyday Reviews say Porsche ticks both boxes with its all-electric Taycan.

Many people say the reason Tesla's vehicles are so unique is they're not only family-friendly but also high performance. The same can be said about the Taycan. and hopefully many upcoming EVs. In fact, the Taycan is arguably the first family-friendly performance EV to compete with Tesla, even though Porsche says it didn't focus on Tesla when developing the Taycan, and it doesn't really consider Tesla a competitor.

Regardless, the important point here is that vehicle electrification is proving it can help automakers produce cars that perform well and also fit lots of people and cargo. Once more electric cars come to market, gone will be the days where you have to sacrifice performance for practicality or vice versa. Now, we just have to wait for more options to become available, and more importantly, for the price to come down.

The midrange Porsche Taycan Turbo carries a starting price of $150,900. You can pick up the base Taycan 4S for just north of $100,000. Meanwhile, the range-topping Taycan Turbo S starts at $185,000. Expensive yes, but these cars are geared to Porsche aficionados, not the mainstream, and Porsche knows they'll pay a premium. Sales figures have also proven that people are willing to buy the Taycan over gas-powered Porsches.

Everyday Reviews calls the Taycan the "Ultimate Family Supercar!," and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. The Taycan is one of the quickest production cars ever built, it has four doors, it's relatively roomy, and it features premium accommodations. 

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