Most people that drive a Tesla fall in love with its technology and performance, but we finally met an exception. Paul Wallace runs the YouTube channel SOL - Supercars of London, and he decided to swap his BMW M2 Competition for a Model 3 Performance for a week never do get near a Tesla again. This video is mostly about why he decided not to give the company another chance: it has to do precisely with its technology.

Wallace starts the video by showing how wiper noise is noticeable in a Model 3, but it would be for any car activating it with a dry windshield. That could also scratch the glass. He then proceeds to show how he had to give his BMW a careful treatment before dropping it at the Tesla Service Center where he picked up the Model 3 Performance.

tesla model 3 performance white

At first, he seems fascinated by the fact that the Model 3 shows the vehicles around, even if it confounds poles for cones. Wallace also mentions how different it is from driving a regular car.

Around 7:20, the youtuber starts to describe why he would never get a Tesla. That part of the video was recorded after he drove the car with his girlfriend on M1 towards Donington Park. There was poor visibility, and Wallace put the vehicle in TACC instead of in Autopilot. The reason is that he does not trust it, which is not surprising. As we stated many times before, Autopilot is not a ready feature: it is beta-testing software that owners decide to try at their own risk.

Windscreen wiper moving in heavy rain

Although the car was using something Wallace considers to be safe, the Model 3 stopped all of a sudden in the middle of the road. Luckily, there were no other cars around it or – most importantly – behind it, which could have caused a massive accident.

The only explanation the youtuber found was that the bad weather made the car think they could hit a bridge, stopping abruptly to avoid it. Specialists already said that Tesla should not rely solely on cameras for full self-driving, as it claims it will. Lucid will adopt integrated lidars for that.

Whoever proves to be right is of no concern to Wallace. For him, the fact that Tesla's AI takes over control in a way he feels he cannot trust is enough for him not to consider any other product from the company. This is the warning he wanted to do.

Do you agree with it? Why did the Model 3 stop in the middle of the road for no apparent reason? We're sure this will raise an interesting discussion you all are more than welcome to have in our comments section below.

Source: SOL - Supercars of London

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