As soon as the Tesla Model Y hit the market, Jon Rettinger borrowed one from one of the first owners. He did so in order to compare the all-new Tesla crossover to the hugely popular Model 3. That video was very well received here, so we've been checking in with Rettinger hoping for more.

Rettinger owned a Tesla Model S and Model X in the past. Now, he's had a for a few months. He decided to go with the Model 3 and not wait for the Y. His previous video goes into more detail about that decision. Since then, Rettinger has been racking up the miles on his Model 3 Performance and preparing a review of the car. The result is the video above, which we found informative and entertaining.

Rettinger talks about Tesla ownership in general. Due to his previous Tesla vehicles, he has a solid understanding of the brand, as well as what you can expect over the long term. While he owns the top-of-the-line Tesla Model 3 Performance, which starts at $54,900 but cost him $65,000, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to compare it to the entry-level Model 3 Standard Range Plus (~$38,000) and the dual-motor non-performance version of the car ($46,990).

Check out Rettinger's review for all the details. If you're in the market for a Model 3, this should give you a good idea about which version might be best for your budget. If you own a Model 3, leave us your mini-review in the comment section below.

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