Graham Stephan has owned his Tesla Model 3 for over a year and put 15,000 miles on the odometer. Like most Model 3 owners, he says he's happy with the car overall. His experience has been mostly outstanding.

Stephan loves the over-the-air updates and the car's performance, functionality, and cargo space. He says he'd never buy another car that's not a Tesla, but he does regret not buying the Model 3 Long Range.

With all of that said, Stephan admits that the car isn't perfect. No car is perfect, however, Tesla vehicles seem to have the same consistent issues across the board. Many of them are issues you'll find in other cars, while others are arguably more common in Teslas than some other cars.

Stephan points to glitches as a problem. For instance, unlocking the door. He also talks about paint quality. He says it's just okay, and perhaps good enough, but it could use some better attention. However, he does say "in Tesla's defense," you would never notice any of the issues if you weren't actually seeking them out.

Finally, he talks about Sentry Mode and the touchscreen system. Stephan has some solid suggestions for Tesla related to tethering your phone and using mobile data, as well as audio and mobile phone functionality for Sentry Mode.

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