Many early Tesla Model 3 owners are now crossing the two-year ownership threshold. While there were many solid reviews of the car when it first came to market, we honestly look much more forward to long-term reviews. A first test drive and walkaround doesn't give you a fair idea of what a car will be like to live with over time.

Tesla Canuck has been reporting on his Model 3 for some time. He's had plenty of positive and negative things to say about it, which we appreciate. However, what we appreciate more is that he is a Tesla owner reporting from Canada. Why is this important?

Many a Tesla owner, tech reviewer, and YouTube influencer calls California his/her home. This means many of the Tesla videos we cover come from Model 3 owners in warmer climates. Being that a decent part of our team resides in northerly states, we like to learn how these EVs fare in cold weather, snow, and areas with less widespread access to public charging infrastructure.

Tesla Canuck takes us through his Model 3 experiences in-depth. He covers the driving experience, winter driving, software updates, infotainment experience, charging costs, maintenance costs, service costs, and repair costs. 

If you're thinking about buying a Tesla Model 3, or any Tesla really, and you live in an area that experiences cold weather, this review should prove quite helpful. Check it out and leave us a comment below.

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