The team over at The Fast Lane Car has certainly created a storied Tesla history in a very short time. We're talking about a publication with multiple YouTube channels that were previously dedicated to gas cars, and especially trucks and fast cars.

Fast forward to relatively recently and these guys picked up a Tesla Model 3. It was a smart move since the car was becoming hugely popular at the time. However, sadly, they damaged it almost immediately, it spent a lot of time in the shop, and then they traded it in for a Model X, which just seemed plain weird. Nonetheless, since then, the Model X has proven useful for videos about trucks and SUVs and towing, etc.

Now, The Fast Lane Car has made the Tesla flip-flop again. The Model X is gone, as they traded it in for a brand-new Model Y. Why the Y over the X? Did it save them money? What's the plan here?

Perhaps they're just waiting to trade in their Tesla Model Y for a Cybertruck? At any rate, the Y is a new model with the latest tech, whereas the X is aging. The Y is cheaper and they're getting a brand-new car versus a used Tesla. Most of all, the Model Y is popular right now, and its popularity is expected to grow in a big way.

If you like the Model 3, you don't really need the space the Model X offers, and you want the latest and greatest when it comes to Tesla tech, the Y may be the way to go. Check out the video for loads of details. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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