When you order a Tesla Model Y, or any Tesla vehicle, you have the option to pay for Full Self-Driving capability. It costs $7,000, though the feature is not yet fully functional. Sure, it improves on a regular basis via over-the-air software updates, but it can't yet drive the car autonomously without any driver intervention, and you can't send your car off to taxi people around.

The bonus of paying for Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) even though it's not feature-complete is the price will continue to increase into the future. However, no one really has any idea when (or if) FSD will be fully functional, or even what "feature-complete FSD" will actually look like.

Tesla owner and YouTube Andy Slye decided not to get FSD on his upcoming Model Y. He already has it on his Model 3, and the main reason he has it is to showcase it on his YouTube channel. When he bought the Model 3, he got the $7,500 federal tax credit, which is no longer available. The credit essentially covered the $5,000 for Enhanced Autopilot and $2,000 for FSD. Now, with the Model Y, Autopilot comes standard and gives him most of the features he likes to use.

Slye belives FSD is probably a good investment for people who drive a lot, plan to keep their Tesla for a long time, and have a reason or desire to be on the cutting-edge of each of Tesla's incremental updates. However, he says if you don't meet such criteria, it may be wise to just wait until FSD is feature-complete before spending the money.

For all Slye's details, check out the video above. Then, tell us your take on FSD in the comment section below.

Video Description via Andy Syle on YouTube:

Why I Cancelled My Tesla Model Y FSD

Tesla’s Full Self Driving option currently costs $7,000 and the price will continue to increase. But I decided not to get it for my Model Y.

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