That's a loaded question, so let's dissect it.

Gas prices have plummeted in a very big way. While many people simply aren't driving, those who are are enjoying huge savings. With gas prices so cheap, is it more expensive to charge an EV than it is to fill up a gas car? The final answer is 100 percent no (at least from our perspective), but based on the tests in this video, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

This question is impossible to answer without going into a ridiculous level of detail. There are so many variables involved. In order to make it a bit more specific and realistic, The Fast Lane Car compares gas cars to Tesla vehicles Supercharging. While this may help paint a somewhat accurate picture, there are plenty of reasons it doesn't make the most sense. However, from the video maker's perspective, it's definitely practical.

The Fast Lane Car loves and appreciates both gas cars and EVs. It makes it clear from the beginning that its goal here is not to purposely side with one technology or the other. Fortunately, its analysis shows that in some cases, the cheap gas prices prove less expensive than Tesla Supercharging. However, in other cases, gassing up still costs more. Then there's also the situation of gas price fluctuation and prices varying by location, some people having free Supercharging for the life of their Tesla, etc.

In the end, it's important to remember that Supercharging isn't ever required. DC Fast Charging is needed for long road trips, but unnecessary on a daily basis. Regardless of the cheap gas prices (which aren't likely to stay cheap forever), charging at home will probably always be much less expensive. However, that's a topic for another video.

Check out the video to see the math and decide your answer. Then, leave us a comment.

Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Gas Is SO Cheap Tesla Supercharging May Be More Expensive Than Gas | We Check The Facts!

( ) What is more expensive? A Gas car or an electric vehicle. In this video we compare the price of gas to the price of electricity to find out if it is cheaper to road trip a Tesla Model 3 or a BMW 330i. The results are surprising!

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